The three simple and practical inventions may be able to solve the environmental crisis, which is praised by experts!

The three seemingly insignificant creative inventions have brought benefits to mankind, or can save the earth!

When it comes to invention, we will think of Edison and Wright brothers. They left many inventions with their rich imagination and creativity. The emergence of electric lights and airplanes facilitates people’s life and makes people feel the real value of these inventions.

Many seemingly unimportant ideas are highly practical and cost-effective. They are very suitable for ordinary people. The original intention of invention is to benefit mankind. Although many inventions are not used in the right way, most of them are of great significance and can even save the earth. What are the outstanding inventions? The three seemingly insignificant creative inventions have brought benefits to mankind, or can save the earth!

Three amazing inventions

The first is a non fuel oven. Environmental protection is urgent. Air pollution, plastic pollution and other problems are becoming increasingly serious. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. Many people like to travel in the suburbs. For people with low carbon and environmental protection, the oven without fuel is the most practical. It uses neither fuel nor the surrounding energy, and can cook food in a few minutes. It has one of the biggest advantages. In the cooking process, it will recover unused heat energy and convert it into electricity. That is to say, in the wild, there is no need to worry about the lack of electricity for the mobile phone, and the converted electricity It can fully charge the mobile phone.

The second invention was the edible water polo. Since the emergence of plastics, it is convenient for human life, because of its low cost and high plasticity, but its disadvantages are increasingly exposed. Many big cities are dealing with used plastic water bottles, plastic bags and so on. Plastic is difficult to degrade. In order to solve this problem, edible water polo appeared. It is a jelly like film made of plant and seaweed extracts. It will gradually decompose in 4-6 weeks without use. This invention is very creative and can fundamentally solve the problem of plastic. It is sought after by many people.

The third invention is the environmental shampoo ball. It’s a stark fact that plastic has damaged the environment. Although many consumers don’t know about it, they can’t ignore it. Only 10% of the plastic in the world can be recycled, and the rest of the plastic needs to be cleaned up by burying and burning. There is a high school student named Benjamin stern who invented a kind of shampoo ball. It doesn’t contain plastic and can be dissolved quickly. It can wash any length of hair and doesn’t contain any chemical components Fen, both environmental protection and practical, he solves the problem of pollution on the earth through his own wisdom.

The ideas of these inventions are very simple. They all come from the problems in life. They are both environmentally friendly and feasible. It’s the most urgent time to protect the environment. Only by fundamentally solving the problem can the earth become more healthy. These inventions not only guarantee the safety, but also have low cost. They are both environmentally feasible and highly meaningful for the benefit of mankind. If they can be applied to solve these problems on earth, what do you think of these creative inventions? You can leave a message for interaction.

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