The three-year-old boy claimed to be an alien reincarnation. He was a spaceship pilot in his previous life and had many alien friends

We’ve heard a lot about the alien’s visit to the earth, for example, the alien’s kidnapping of human beings, the alien’s secretly helping human beings and so on.

We’ve only heard about aliens, but we’ve never seen them in real life. Most of them are just human conjectures about aliens. Earlier, there was news that a three-year-old boy claimed to be an alien reincarnation. Is this news true.

The child calls himself an alien reincarnation

How many aliens are there in the corner of the earth? You may not know that it’s not new for children to remember their past lives. Reincarnation is an interesting topic, even in science.

Carl Sagan, an American astronomer and Astrobiologist, even admits that reincarnation is a topic worthy of study, and points out that children sometimes tell the details of their previous lives. After investigation, we find that these details are accurate and indeed exist, and the only way to explain them is reincarnation.

The previous film “the man in black” is very eye-catching. In this film, the ordinary postman has eight arms, and his strong point is to sort mail quickly.

The grocer wore a smiling mask with his weird little head under it. Deliver Octopus baby, and the duty of the man in black is to deal with the alien who has a bad heart!

Recently, a 21-year-old young man living in Russia, Polska, has attracted people’s attention because of his amazing language.

He claimed to be a Martian reincarnation, and often shared with others the Martian life in his memory. He said: “Martians still exist.”.

This amazing young man is not an ordinary boy. He was born in 1996. His father retired as a civil servant in the army. Now he is a construction supervisor. His mother is a dermatologist. Both of his parents are well educated. He was different from others when he was a child.

According to her mother, on the 15th day of her birth, polisca would hold her head with her hands. She could read newspaper headlines when she was one and a half years old and began to draw when she was two years old. When she was in kindergarten that year, the teacher was immediately impressed by this extraordinary child. He was much smarter than his peers, and his mastery of language and memory were even more amazing.

When he was three and a half years old, he began to tell the people around him about Mars in his memory: Martians inhale carbon dioxide, not oxygen, which causes aging. If Martians came to earth, they would probably stay near the chimney.

Martians hope to make Jupiter the second sun. Although they have said a lot about Mars, in fact, people don’t believe that he is a Martian. The most annoying to him should be the teacher who taught him, because he often said: teacher, you are wrong!

His extraordinary remarks attracted local media and some UFO magazines to interview him. For example, he was a spaceship pilot in his previous life, he had many alien friends, and so on. He also mentioned that in the future, mankind will find more ancient knowledge in a pyramid that has not yet been discovered.

And he also warned the exploration of Mars, if the human spacecraft flew to Mars, it would fall, because now there are Martians, they will send radiation waves to the human spacecraft, let the human spacecraft fall.

And he also described in detail the composition of the whole Mars: the outer layer is made of 25% durable materials, the second layer is made of 30% rubber like materials, the third layer is made of 30% metal plated materials, and the fourth layer is made of magnetic materials. If there are magnetic energy, power and instruments, it can fly all over the universe.

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