The top predator in the ocean, with a “chainsaw” in his mouth, has long been extinct!

The top predator in the ocean, with a “chainsaw” in his mouth, has long been extinct!

Since human beings became the leader of the earth, they have been at the top of the food chain. In fact, human beings are just the king on land, and they are very weak in the ocean. The ocean is a mysterious world. There is no sunshine all the year round, which makes many creatures have to change their body functions and become more fierce in order to survive. Since the improvement of science and technology, more and more marine equipment have emerged, and human beings have more opportunities to understand the marine world.

When we were children watching SpongeBob, we naively thought that the ocean world is very warm, all creatures can live in harmony, and there are all kinds of construction inside. However, this is not the case. What we know about the underwater world is only skin. The top predators in the ocean are sharks, which have been around for much longer than humans. It is understood that sharks began to evolve 400 million years ago. After such a long period of evolution, their predation ability has been unmatched. The top predator in the ocean, with a “chainsaw” in his mouth, has long been extinct!

Our impression of the shark has a huge size, more important is the bite force of the teeth, as long as you capture a food, you can quickly tear it up, in the ocean is just like the overlord. There was once a Russian scientist who discovered a unique shark fossil. According to the test, it came from 1907. After that, other countries also found this shark fossil one after another. Many scientists think that the history of this shark is far longer than we thought.

It has spiral teeth, which is quite different from other sharks. No matter flying in the sky or swimming in the water, there is no such strange looking creature. So what is the identity behind it? Since the discovery of this fossil, it has aroused widespread concern and controversy among scientists. Some scientists believe that this is the legendary spiral tooth shark. It was born 200-300 million years ago, and its largest size can exceed 15 meters. It belongs to an ancient fish. Its tooth shape is very strange, and its main teeth are fixed. Some people think that its teeth are used to kill prey. There are different opinions.

Although it only looks like a layer of spiral teeth on the outside, it does not mean that there are no other teeth on the inside. Since only its fossil and prototype have been found, scientists can only guess. To be sure, this shark is one of the top predators in the ocean. Its extinction may be due to environmental reasons, but also partly due to food shortage.

In the view of scientists, this kind of creature has no competitors. The biggest possibility of its extinction is the change of environment. The extinction of dinosaurs was also due to natural disasters. Otherwise, there would not be such a big change. Many people sigh that fortunately, this terrible spiral toothed shark has been completely destroyed. Otherwise, human beings would not dare to set foot in the ocean. What do you think of this shark fossil found by scientists What’s your opinion? You can leave a message for interaction.

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