The top ten mysterious creatures in the world: Chinese Dragon

Since ancient times, the dragon in our Chinese culture, has a very special meaning, it can be said that it occupies all fields, become the spiritual symbol of Chinese culture. So does the dragon exist? Is it spiritual or material? This seems to be a mystery to this day. But the legends and stories of dragons all originated in ancient times. However, have you ever heard of the Dragon Stories in modern nature?

Yingkou dragon falling incident

There were two incidents of falling dragons in Yingkou. According to an old man named Xiao Suqin, when he was 9 years old, many people said that they found a “living dragon” in the upper reaches of Tianzhuangtai, so they rushed there. She saw the “dragon” square head, square brain, big eyes, but also blinking, and the body is gray white, curled up on the ground, tail rolled up, abdomen has two claws outstretched, and what impressed her most was that she felt the “dragon” was weak, eyes half open and half closed, and eyes a little red, many people said it was because of the hot weather, so in the dragon’s eyes A shed was built on it to avoid the heat, and some people carried water to pour on it, so that it could “relieve the heat”. Later, after a long period of heavy rain, the “dragon” disappeared.

After more than 20 days of heavy rain, the “dragon” flew back, but only one body was left. It was on the afternoon of August 8, 1934. People found that there was a huge fishy smell coming from the reeds. They followed the smell and found the ten meter long corpse. People said that as early as a few days ago, they heard strange sounds coming from here, crackling sound, and “Wu…” It sounds like a cow’s cry. It’s very dull. You can still hear the sound of struggle. Later, there was no movement.

This “dragon” like creature, because of its peculiar appearance and unknown origin, attracted a lot of people to watch, and even some people took a section of the keel as a collection. A few days later, it was secretly transported away by the military.

Chinese dragon collected in Ruilong Temple

A specimen of a Chinese dragon is collected in the Ruilong temple in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. It is said that in the fourth year of Meiji, a Chinese farmer saw the dying dragon by the river and immediately knocked it unconscious with a wooden stick and put it in a cloth bag. He went crazy and sold it to a Japanese businessman. Later, the Japanese businessman sold it to the collector, Wan Dai Teng Bing Wei. Wan Dai Teng Bing Wei couldn’t put it down after seeing it. Later, he donated the dragon to Ruilong temple, langsu District, Osaka, Japan, in September of Tianhe two years ago.

The dragon’s body is about 1 meter long. It has horns on its head, long whiskers on its mouth, huge eyes and only three claws. Its hind feet are short and degenerated. It is like a snake’s back and has scales all over its body. The dragon’s body is covered with gold paint. It has been made into a specimen after antiseptic process. Compared with the legendary dragon, it is obviously smaller. It is an immature young dragon. The appearance of this dragon is very similar to Chinese legend. People who see it will always ask if there is a dragon in the world?

Dragon like organisms in Qinghai Lake

People often witness dragon like monsters in Qinghai Lake. On the afternoon of May 23, 1982, the workers of No.2 fishing boat of the fifth brigade of Qinghai Lake Farm witnessed the “water monster” again. At 4 p.m. that day, when the fishing boat was returning, two workers standing at the stern saw a huge black yellow monster on the water 20 degrees north of Haixing mountain, about 13-14 meters. The helmsman immediately turned around and headed straight for the USO, but the ship drove to a place about 50 meters away from the monster, alerted the monster, and it immediately dived away.

From the discovery of the monster to its dive, a total of about 5 minutes. When diving, the monster’s body flashed like a fish skin, and a wide and large swirling current appeared on the water surface, which lasted for a long time. Happily, the record book of the fishing boat recorded the whole process of the witness in detail, which provided the first authentic and reliable written record for the study of the water monsters in Qinghai Lake. Now someone has clearly photographed the dragon like creatures at the bottom of Qinghai Lake.

A real dragon cub in Kunlun mountain cave

Some people say that the real dragon cub found in Kunlun Mountain is an amphibian called “cave newt”. There are many comments and posts on the Internet, but the cave newt clearly lives in the Dinari Alps

Limestone cave

The distribution area passes through the izonzo river basin near Trieste, Italy




Southwest, as far as hersegovina. It is the only creature belonging to the cave salamander family in Europe and the only cave dwelling chordate animal in Europe. Why did you go to Kunlun mountain again?

Kunlun Mountain is China’s sacred mountain, also known as kunlunxu, China’s first sacred mountain, the mountain of ten thousand ancestors

Kunlun mound

Or Yushan. According to ancient mythology, there lived an immortal “Queen Mother of the west” in Kunlun Mountain, with a head and a leopard body, and served by two green birds. It’s a matter of Taoist Zhengshen and Dongwang Gongfen in charge of the cultivation of immortals. There are also countless Taoist and immortal families practicing here, so for Kunlun Mountain, I think it’s normal to find anything magical.

About the real dragon incident, in fact, what I am most interested in is the “Kunlun mountain real dragon incident”, but there are very few information to query, such as “Songhua River Dragon incident”, “Anhui Python robbery incident”, and so on. There are even many netizens’ own experiences. For these, I just want to say: the world is so big, but we are very small. At least I don’t think all the legends are made up of nothing. After all, there are prototypes in the book of mountains and seas, right?

What do you think of the existence of the real dragon?

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