The train that disappeared for 58 years reappeared. The scientists disappeared after they got on the train. There is no news so far!

There are often some strange events on the earth. Although human beings have become the overlord of the earth, there are still many phenomena that are difficult to explain. A lot of strange events have disappeared in front of human eyes over time, and we have already seen them, but some strange events are still frightening, such as the ghost train event we are going to talk about today.

ghost train

At that time, this event was a global sensation. Although many years have passed, scientists still have not stopped exploring. The incident took place in 1991 in a tunnel in Italy when a train carrying 104 passengers passed through the tunnel. In the train, there was a writer’s skull box. The writer’s name was gogoli. This skull box will be kept by an Italian officer. He thought it was just an ordinary task he received, but he lost his life.

When the train was just running, everything was very normal, but I didn’t expect that after a period of time, the outside of the train was suddenly covered by huge smoke. At that time, two young people felt that something was wrong, so they quickly jumped off the train, but the Italian officer didn’t have time to escape. The train mysteriously disappeared when it passed through the tunnel. After learning the news, the local government also rushed to the scene to investigate. When they came to the tunnel, they did not find anything unusual, or even the trace of the train passing through. The incident was very noisy at that time, and people were talking about it.

The disappearing train reappeared

Some people think that there must have been a ghost in this tunnel before. Others think that this train went to the parallel world, and this tunnel is the entrance to other worlds. This incident caused great panic at that time. In order to prevent such panic from continuing to pass on, the local government sealed the tunnel. As time goes on, this incident was gradually ignored Forgotten. I didn’t expect that this train would appear in Moscow again in the next few years. In 1991, the train had disappeared for 58 years, and even reappeared in the suburbs of Ukraine. At that time, a scientist, in order to solve the secret of the train, jumped on the train and disappeared with it again.

Even if the government later sent a lot of forces to find the scientist, but nothing. Since then, the train has never appeared again. People still have a lingering fear when they hear about the ghost train. Why does the train appear again after it disappears? Where are the passengers on the train?

Although many people agree with the theory of parallel universe, scientists do not have any substantial evidence to prove the existence of parallel universe, which has become an unsolved mystery in human history. It may take a long time to solve this secret.

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