The truth of human life may be that human beings are not real Earthlings, but experimental objects of aliens

Human beings have never stopped exploring the mystery of human life experience. There is a view that it was evolved from apes, a view that it was caused by marine life, and a view that it was caused by aliens. There are various hypotheses about the origin of human beings. Some people agree with evolutionism, some people agree with underwater civilization, and some people agree that it is related to aliens. So far, there is no authoritative consensus.

Close observation will find that human beings are the most unable to adapt to the earth’s environment. Different animals don’t need to change the environment like human beings. Even if we just take the elevator or just stand high, we will feel uncomfortable! Now, there is a bold hypothesis that can explain these phenomena – human beings are not real Earthlings, but the products of testing extraterrestrial Nu Wa on earth.

Human beings are not real earth people, but experimental objects

In the vast universe, there is a beautiful blue planet. We human beings are the masters of this planet that breeds millions of lives! But the written record of human ruling the earth is less than 5000 years. Compared with the earth’s billions of years of evolution, the time is so short that the origin of human has become an unsolved mystery. In this way, we know so little about ourselves that we don’t know whether human beings are real people on earth.

There are countless hypotheses about the origin of human beings, including African, Asian and sea apes This is because orangutans, apes and other primates are very similar to human beings, and there are some archaeological evidences such as skulls, but there has never been any convincing evidence, and we have never found that human beings are not real earth people!

Is Nu Wa an alien?

In fact, we can see the mystery of heaven from ancient myths. Just like Nu Wa, she did not create everything from the first to the seventh day of the lunar new year, but brought it to the earth from outer space. As a matter of fact, she is an alien. Bringing human beings to earth is just an experiment with us.

From this point of view, the statue of mantianshen Buddha in the fairy tale is actually an alien form of higher species. Whether in China or in Europe, this inference applies to Greek mythology. Originally, we human beings are not real earth people. In fact, scientists have also found that human beings and the earth are so incompatible. It’s very different from other species on this planet. Take a simple example: all creatures on this planet, whether in cold places, hot places, or humid and dry environments, can coexist harmoniously, and human beings are no exception.

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