The truth of the universe may be hidden in the numbers of 3, 6 and 9. Tesla’s doubt may be right

After thousands of years of development, human civilization finally embarked on the road of industrial development hundreds of years ago. The core of industry is science and technology, which brings about the change of productivity and makes people enter the machine age from the handicraft age.

With the rapid development of science and technology, human civilization has achieved a qualitative leap, and human beings have experienced the shock brought by science and technology for the first time. So what is the core of the rapid development of science and technology? That is the science that the universe is everywhere. As we all know, the universe originated 13.8 billion years ago. The universe after its birth is not as chaotic as we imagined, but is evolving in an orderly way in different periods, gradually forming a stable and wonderful universe today.

Everything in the universe is so regular, as if there is a pair of invisible hands behind it. Some people think that there is a God in the universe. God created the universe and made all the rules of the universe. Is there a God in the universe? The answer is No.

God doesn’t exist, so how did such a regular universe come about? Who controls all this? In fact, the God behind the universe is science, which dominates everything and makes all rules for the universe to evolve and develop orderly. Whether it’s the birth of celestial bodies, galaxies or life, it’s all dominated by science.

Science exists in every corner of the universe, around us, but science is very low-key, they hide themselves, and to find them, it needs the painstaking efforts of scientists. Through experiments and summary, and through advanced imagination, scientists have discovered scientific theories hidden around us.

With the discovery of these scientific theories, we can realize the application of science and technology. It can be said that science and technology is the application of Science in reality. If we compare science and technology to a high-speed train, science is to lose the engine of the fast-moving train. Without the power output, the train is just a dead object, unable to move.

The responsibility of scientists is to constantly discover all kinds of Sciences hidden in the universe. With these sciences, human civilization can constantly leap forward, understand all kinds of mysteries of the world, understand the mysteries of the whole universe, and finally become the overlord of the universe. Although there are countless kinds of scientific theories in the universe, these scientific theories can be divided into primary and secondary ones. Once we discover and master some core scientific theories, it will lead human beings to achieve a qualitative leap.

The scientists who can discover these core scientific theories are called great scientists. However, in the history of science for hundreds of years, there are very few scientists who can obtain this number, such as Einstein who proposed the theory of relativity, Newton who constructed classical mechanics and so on.

In addition to these great scientists we are very familiar with, there is another scientist that few people know. He is Nicolas Tesla. Speaking of Tesla, many people will think of a very famous brand of new energy vehicles in the world. Tesla, an electric car company, was founded in memory of the great scientist, Mr. Tesla.

Nicolas Tesla has been shrouded in controversy both before and after his death. In his life, he had many shocking worldly inventions and ideas, so he was ridiculed countless times, just as Einstein put forward the theory of relativity at the beginning.

With the death of Tesla and the continuous development of human science and technology, people’s initial ridicule and incomprehension of him gradually become admiration and admiration, and people began to call him “the man closest to God”. No matter how people dispute Tesla, there is no doubt about his achievements in his life. In his life, he has thousands of invention patents, which is an unprecedented feat. Even in future generations, no one may surpass him.

Nicolas Tesla is undoubtedly an extremely intelligent person, often extremely intelligent people will have unprecedented foresight for certain things, just like Einstein, many views on things are far beyond ordinary people. Einstein put forward many advanced conjectures that subvert people’s cognition through the theory of relativity, while Tesla also has some unusual advanced conjectures. For example, he proposed that the truth of the universe may be hidden in the three numbers of 3, 6 and 9.

Tesla believes that solving the mystery of these three numbers may be the key to the truth of the universe and let us really understand the truth behind the universe. Why does he think so? 3. Is there anything unusual about 6 and 9?

It is undeniable that mathematics is the foundation of all disciplines, whether physics, chemistry or other disciplines. If you want to make achievements and major discoveries, you need a strong digital foundation. When Einstein was young, he felt his lack of mathematics, so he spent 10 years studying numbers, and then came up with the theory of relativity.

To some extent, numbers are the “universal language” of the universe. Scientists believe that if human beings come into contact with alien civilizations in the future, because their languages are completely different, they can only communicate through mathematics. It may be a bridge of communication between civilizations in the universe.

Mathematics is composed of formulas and numbers, and there are 10 basic numbers in mathematics, which are so simple, but form a grand mathematical world through different combinations. All the Scientific Mysteries of the universe may be hidden in these numbers. Among these 10 basic numbers, 3, 6 and 9 are even bigger and even mysterious.

Maybe in the eyes of ordinary people, 3, 6 and 9 are not strange, but after constant research, scientists find that these three numbers are very extraordinary. Many phenomena and laws of nature are related to these three numbers. For example, the core of life is cell, and cell division is regular, usually exponential.

According to the cell division model, one divides into two, two into four, and so on, the number is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 This arrangement is infinite. However, no matter how infinite it is, there is a very strange law, that is, adding the single digits until there is only the last number left, you will get a long sequence – 124875124875.

If you look at this sequence carefully, you will find that there is no 3, 6, 9 in it. This law seems to tell us that life on earth has nothing to do with these three numbers. In other words, 3, 6 and 9 are more noble than life.

In addition, there are many natural laws closely related to these three numbers. It seems that these three numbers play an important role in everything in nature. Nikolay Tesla discovered the magic and mystery of these three numbers through research, so he speculated that 3, 6 and 9 may hide unknown secrets, and they may be the “key” to open some kind of door.

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