The tunnel two billion years ago proved that human beings could not be the only civilization on earth. Ancient civilization existed

Although there are hundreds of billions of planets in the vast universe, only the earth is our home. Without the earth, we humans and other creatures would not be able to survive and reproduce. But the earth does not mean that it cannot survive without human civilization, because our earth has been running for 4.6 billion years.

From the long history of 4.6 billion years, the emergence of human civilization is only three million years. In ancient times, because of the backwardness of science and technology. Little is known about the natural laws of the earth, the sun and the universe. After thousands of years of exploration and discovery, human beings gradually began to have an interest in the earth’s evolutionary history.

In order to reveal the mystery of the primitive earth, people try to pass through some ancient historical sites. Now there is a more common view that there was no human species on the earth 59 million years ago. At that time, the earth was in the Cretaceous period, and the dinosaur Empire and some large creatures dominated the earth. But it’s a pity that dinosaurs didn’t evolve wisdom, so the age of dinosaurs is not the age of civilization. It’s been a long time. A monkey’s gene mutation, or a group of monkeys’ gene mutation, the human species slowly appeared and emerged on the earth, but is human really the only civilization on the earth?

Many scientists have reservations about this statement. In the past century, an explorer once discovered a mysterious tunnel. After constant exploration and estimation by scientists, the tunnel has a history of at least 2 billion years. From this many people can infer whether there was civilization and lived underground before the emergence of human civilization.

These civilizations connect the ground and the underground through tunnels, and soon after, some undersea explorers accidentally found some architectural relics on the bottom of the sea. After clearing away some debris, they found that the sunken buildings looked like modern buildings. It includes arches, stairs, small platforms, etc.

This kind of building not only exists on one sea surface, but also on other sea surface. In addition to these relics, many other mysterious relics have been found on the earth. Those relics have also attracted the attention of modern people. For example, the Mayan civilization mysteriously disappeared after the five predictions. Another example is the popular heroic legend of some time ago, the legend of Atlantis in the underwater world, and the pyramids in ancient Egypt, which are still full of mystery. Events that cannot be explained by science seem to be showing.

Maybe man is not the only civilization on earth. Compared with the earth’s life span of 4.6 billion years, there are 3 million years. It’s not surprising that there were no other civilized creatures until the emergence of human civilization. Some scientists believe that civilizations on earth are constantly circulating, that is to say, before the emergence of human beings, other civilizations also appeared. With the extinction of human civilization, other civilizations will reappear on the earth.

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