The two women were swallowed by the seated whale and survived. The mobile phone photographed the whole escape process inside the whale

There are many things in life that we can’t foresee. Maybe one second we still talk with our friends and relatives, and the next second we will face the separation of life and death. Too many accidents sometimes make us helpless. For example, many of us will yearn for the sea, like riding a yacht, looking at the blue sky, the vast ocean. This kind of scene is really refreshing. Although the ocean seems calm, there are countless complex creatures hidden below. Among them, whales are the largest in size and appearance. They range from several meters to more than ten meters. If we are suddenly swallowed by whales in the ocean, will there be any hope of survival?

The picture shows baleen whales

Whales are mammals and generally do not attack humans unless they are extremely hungry

Whales are mammals. They belong to vertebrates. There are about 80 kinds of whales in the world. They all live in the ocean. Except for some special whales living in rivers (fresh water), some people say that whales are members of the fish family. In fact, whales are not members of the fish family. They are just mammals living alone in the ocean or in fresh water.

Among the whale families, baleen and toothed whales are the most common. Can whales eat people? Generally speaking, whales are more docile. They will not attack humans unless they are extremely hungry. If you are caught in an unexpected situation in the ocean and accidentally swallowed by a baleen whale, don’t worry too much. Although the appearance of a baleen whale is much larger than that of other whales, it has no teeth, and its esophagus is much narrower than that of other whales. It should be safe for you. After all, baleen whales have no teeth. But if you meet a toothed whale, then you are more unlucky. You can only blame your bad luck.

In real life, will it really happen that after being swallowed by a whale, a miracle will survive?

A similar incident was reported in the daily mail, a British media. When two foreign women were rowing in a kayak on Avila Beach to watch the whales, one of the larger whales suddenly rushed out of the sea and jumped into the air, swallowing the two foreign women together with the kayak. Everyone thought that the two women would die. Surprisingly, it was not long before the whale was unbearable and soon vomited the two foreign women and the kayak together. The whole thrilling process was also recorded by a foreign woman on her mobile phone.

Perspective of two women escaping from passers by

Why didn’t the giant whale swallow the two women but vomit them out?

1. Baleen whales have no teeth, and the way they eat is “wolf down”

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest characteristic of baleen whales is that they have no teeth. Instead, they have cetacean whiskers. If other whales have teeth in their mouths and mainly rely on chewing food, then the baleen whales’ mouths are full of whiskers like combs, which act as a “filter” like a dense net woven by fishermen, Some floating fish and shrimps will flow into the mouth of whales. In other words, whalebone is not their real teeth. If we have to count “whalebone” as teeth, I’m afraid that baleen whales have the most “teeth” in the world, about 150-400 pieces per head.

Many netizens can’t help asking, “how do baleen whales swallow when they encounter larger creatures?” In fact, baleen whales mainly feed on small crustaceans of prawns, small swimming fish and shellfish. During the feeding process of baleen whales, if other whales are “chewing slowly”, then baleen whales are “wolfing down”. After eating, they will open their mouths, and with the sea water, they will filter all the food contained in the sea water in the baleen, and at the same time, the sea water will flow out along their mouths.

The picture shows the whalebone of baleen whales


Baleen whales are not aggressive and have narrow oesophagus, which can’t accommodate “kayak” and two women

As a member of the whale family, baleen whales, like other whales, do not take the initiative to attack humans. They mainly live in the ocean 200-300 meters deep and rarely get close to the coast. On weekdays, baleen whales are more docile. Unless they are very hungry, they will make aggressive behavior. These two foreign women are also very lucky. Because the esophagus of baleen whales is very narrow, with a diameter of several centimeters to more than ten centimeters, and the filter can not filter, they have to open their mouths and spit out the canoe. It’s like human beings want to swallow the whole watermelon. It’s just a fantasy. Therefore, according to the physiological characteristics of baleen whales, we can remove them from the ranks of “cannibals”.

How did the two foreign women record the escape process?

In an interview with the media afterwards, one of the women said: “when I just fell into the mouth of the whale, my heart was very scared. It was dark around me. I had to take out my mobile phone to record the process. At that time, my first thought was that the whale was pressing on me. I wanted to push them away. At that critical moment, I didn’t know that I had entered the mouth of the whale But then we saw the light again, and later we knew that the whale didn’t swallow us. We were awed by this huge creature

Perspective of two women escaping from passers by

Baleen whales let us go, but we can’t ignore another kind of toothed whales

If you encounter baleen whales in the ocean, it means you are lucky, because they have let go of human beings and have been removed from the ranks of “cannibal army”. But at the same time, we can not relax our vigilance, because there is another kind of whales, toothed whales. The biggest difference between them and baleen whales is that toothed whales have very sharp teeth and enjoy the reputation of “sea overlord”. At the same time They are also known as killer whales. They are no less lethal than great white sharks.

Toothed whales are larger than baleen whales in appearance, with a length of about 10 meters, and the heaviest is 89 tons. If baleen whales are docile, toothed whales are brutally carnivorous marine creatures. In the vast sea, toothed whale will become the strongest whale to devour human beings. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth, and a whole wild boar will also be swallowed by them alive, let alone a tiny human being.

So don’t take it lightly in ocean travel, especially when you encounter this kind of toothed whale, you must be alert, otherwise you will become their feast. Although toothed whales will not swallow you whole, their teeth will tear you to pieces immediately, and you have no chance to escape.

The picture shows toothed whale

In this world, is there a kind of whale that can swallow the whole person intact?

If you want to swallow the whole person intact, first of all, it has no sharp teeth, or no teeth. Secondly, its mouth and esophagus are very large. In fact, this kind of whale exists in this world. They are the sperm whales in toothed whales.

Compared with baleen whales and other toothed whales, the head of sperm whales is very large, and only the jaw has teeth. Sperm whales mainly feed on squid, with a body length of more than 18 meters and a weight of more than 50 tons. Moreover, sperm whales have super diving ability and extremely fast speed. They are the mammals with the longest diving time. They mainly rely on their lungs to breathe and swim in the sea When swimming in deep water, they swing by the tail. Sperm whales are also widely distributed, from the equator to the poles, as long as there is no ice in the sea will find their tracks.

The picture shows sperm whale

How does sperm whale swallow human completely? Do humans have a chance to escape?

Although sperm whales only have teeth in their mandible, they will choose to swallow directly when they encounter huge creatures. Because their throat is very wide, when humans are swallowed, they will directly enter the throat. Of course, in this process, you will face the risk of being flattened. If you are slim, you can pass this barrier. If you are fat, you may be crushed in the throat Squash. Once you pass the throat barrier, you will come to the narrow and slender esophagus like a slide. Because of the narrow esophagus, you can only curl up your whole body. At this time, you should not dream of escaping from the mouth of the sperm whale. If you say you have a dagger, you can cut it off, but you should know that the sperm whale weighs more than 50 tons. Such a huge whale wants to cut its food It’s impossible for Tao to escape. So you have to give up this idea as soon as possible, and there is a lot of mucus in the esophagus of sperm whale, and you curl up and can’t find the focus at all.

In addition, entering the body of sperm whales, you have to face the biggest problem is “oxygen”. You should know that sperm whales breathe by their lungs, and there will be methane in their bodies, as well as many gases that are not beneficial to human beings. In the body of sperm whales, due to long-term lack of oxygen, you will die in the West.

If you carry an oxygen mask, congratulations. At this time, you can break through the esophageal barrier and enter the stomach of sperm whale smoothly. However, there are high concentrations of digestive juice and catabolic enzymes in the stomach of sperm whale. These highly acidic liquids will also corrode you. So it seems that after being swallowed by sperm whales, you can’t survive.

The picture shows sperm whales preying on whales

You must be more careful when swimming and surfing. Meeting baleen whales is the greatest luck in your life

Generally speaking, we must pay attention to safety when we go out to swim and surf. In particular, we must be vigilant. We must not relax. We should not think that whales are the most friendly animals for human beings. They are not aggressive. We should know that many of them are cannibals. For example, toothed whales, especially sperm whales, which we mentioned in this article, of course, like foreign women in news reports, are killed How lucky the baleen whale is to swallow and spit it out. Although there will be many miracles in this world, we should not take chances to annoy whales. They will have their own principles. Once they are offended, the consequences will be unimaginable.

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