The U.S. ignores the law of gravity, and water flows up

Friends who like anecdotes must have heard of such a place. This place is like a creator’s prank. Water flows to high places, and people can’t stand up straight. In people’s eyes, this place is naturally anti gravity. I believe you have guessed that this is the magic house in the United States, a famous tourist attraction.

Visitors have personally experienced this magical phenomenon. With the publicity of the scenic area, the magic house is becoming more and more famous. Correspondingly, its magic is also concerned by more and more people, hoping to explore the principle of forming this phenomenon. Unfortunately, in order to build the road, this magical little house was torn down, which made people very sad.

Although the hut is no longer there, the magical phenomenon has long been studied by experts. In fact, the reason for the use of this phenomenon is very simple, mainly the use of people’s “visual error”. “Visual error” is a special aesthetic phenomenon that people have seen for a long time, such as blue and black or platinum clothes a few years ago, four bridges made of paper, eggs rolled from bottom to top and so on.

These classic bridge sections are examples of visual errors, and magic house is no exception. In real life, people know the world through perception, and they also need to constantly correct their mistakes to make people know the world more correctly. There are many ways for people to get perceptual information, such as eyes, ears and so on. But if only through a single way to obtain perception, there will be a big gap with the real information, for example, people’s voice, everyone has experienced their own, listening to their own voice, feeling very good, vivid and pleasant; but when not singing, there will be a question, is the voice coming out of the microphone really their own, how so ugly.

Single perception is indeed easy to make mistakes, but with deliberate wrong guidance, it will produce visual errors. Magic house is the use of this feature, the construction of the house is actually deviated from the horizontal. In any case, people are perpendicular to the horizontal plane, but the construction of the magic house is built with the wall as the vertical direction, so people can’t stand steadily and the water flows upward.

Although the magic house has been far away from us, this kind of scientific phenomenon has been handed down forever, bringing us endless wonderful and fun.

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