The UFO appears suddenly in the sky of Guizhou. The fire is bright and falls down. What is it?

As for UFOs, I believe everyone has heard that since the 1940s, there have been reports of UFO sightings all over the world almost every year. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, there are more and more UFO sightings.

UFO is also known as UFO, which originated from the blue book program of the US air force. The first person in charge of the program was Captain Edward Rupert, who officially invented the word “UFO”. UFO is recorded in the book of Ezekiel in ancient Europe. In ancient China, UFO is also called xingcha.

UFO phenomenon can be divided into four categories: misunderstanding of known phenomena, unknown natural phenomena and unknown natural creatures. The fourth category refers to the aircraft with obvious intelligent flying ability, which is not made by the earth people, that is, the flying saucer of alien civilization. About one third of the countries in the world are carrying out research on UFOs, and more than 350 Monographs on UFOs have been published.

I believe many friends who are interested in science have read many magazines and books about UFOs. Xiaobian was very interested in UFOs when he was in primary school. At that time, he often went to the library to read relevant books and subscribed to relevant magazines. It can be said that from primary school to now, Xiaobian is very interested in and concerned about UFOs.

However, most of the sightings about UFOs on the Earth took place abroad, especially in western countries. However, there are few eyewitness reports in China. Do UFOs still appear in countries and regions? I believe some careful friends will find that in recent years, there are more and more eyewitness reports about UFOs, and there are also many eyewitness reports in China.

2020 has entered July. In more than half a year, there are also many reports about UFOs. Of course, most of them are in western countries. There are very few UFO incidents in China. Shortly after July, that is, on the night of July 9, UFO “suddenly appeared in the sky of Yuqing County, Guizhou Province, with bright fire and falling.

Many people saw the falling UFO that night. Some people thought it was a meteorite, while others thought it was other aircraft. What’s the truth? What is it? If you are a friend of Yuqing County in Guizhou Province, you may have known its true face in advance before it fell.

In fact, the falling UFO is not mysterious. It is not the mysterious UFO events reported abroad. It’s just the remains of a satellite. According to public information, on July 8, every township in the county announced through loudspeakers that there would be a satellite launch tonight to remind everyone to pay attention to safety and take precautions in advance.

Sure enough, at more than 8 o’clock in the evening, I saw something like a fireball falling nearby, and the fire was very obvious. Maybe the fireball that the satellite wreck fell was very bright, so it let more people see it, so people who didn’t know the truth thought it was a UFO. Later, the government also came out to explain this. This is the case that China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center used the long march 3B carrier rocket to put the Asia Pacific 6D satellite into the predetermined orbit. During the launch process, the separated rocket debris landed in Yuqing County, Guizhou Province.

Although the satellite launch debris falling to the ground is a rare event in many areas, it is a common scene for people in this county of Guizhou. This is not the first time that the remains of a satellite launch have fallen into the area. The county has repeatedly issued similar messages to remind villagers to take precautions. Basically, there are two or three satellite launches every year, and the debris falls.

Many people may have a question: why do satellite launch debris often fall in this county? In fact, not only this county, but the whole Guizhou area is basically the area where satellite debris falls. Most of the debris in the process of China’s annual satellite launch mission falls in Guizhou. Some people may think that Guizhou is chosen because it is sparsely populated.

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. The debris in the process of satellite launch can’t fall anywhere we want. It’s not up to us, it’s up to the launch orbit. It’s a very difficult factor to change. I believe some friends know that the satellite launch site is not built anywhere, but needs to meet several conditions.

One is low latitude, high altitude, good launch angle, short ground to air distance, and the lower the latitude Du, the closer to the equator. This can not only make full use of the centrifugal force of the earth rotation, but also shorten the distance from the ground to the satellite orbit, thus saving the effective load of the rocket. This condition can be said to be the most important factor in satellite site selection.

Second, the canyon has a good terrain and solid geological structure, which is conducive to the overall layout of the launch site, the layout of ground launch facilities, technical equipment, tracking measurement and communication, and can meet the construction of multiple launch sites.

Third, the weather is fine and the “launch window” is good. The annual average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, which is one of the areas with the smallest climate change in China. There are 320 days of sunshine, almost no foggy days, and more test cycles and allowable launch time.

We can see that several major satellite launch sites in China basically meet the above three conditions. If the three conditions conflict, then the first condition is the main factor. This is the launch rule that the existing human science and technology can only abide by. If the first condition is not well chosen, the success rate of rocket launch will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the geographical conditions of the satellite launch site are very strict. After the geographical location is fixed, when the rocket launches the satellite, the orbit of the discarded rocket debris is also a relatively certain value. Therefore, where the rocket debris will fall is basically fixed, and there will be no great deviation.

However, the orbital positions of several satellite launch sites determined by China’s geographical conditions are basically located in Guizhou, so it has become a place where the rocket debris often falls. After reading these, we understand that the popular UFO a few days ago is not a strange thing, just a scene of rocket debris falling.

Although many people understand that it is not a UFO, in recent days, China’s enthusiasm for discussing UFOs has risen. So is there really a UFO on earth? No one may be able to give a definite answer to this question.

Although there have been many UFO incidents on the earth since the 1940s, and there have been more eyewitness reports in recent years, most of them can be explained. It’s either a natural phenomenon, or a human aircraft, and those unexplained non flying events, we can find a few things in common, that is, the video or image is very fuzzy.

Just imagine, mankind has entered the 21st century, the observation technology is constantly leaping, satellites can see clear things on the surface, people’s cameras or other observation equipment are also very advanced. With such advanced observation equipment, it’s very clear to photograph other things. Why is it so fuzzy when we get to UFO?

Some people may say that it’s normal for UFOs to fly too high, fly too fast, and not shoot clearly. But some UFOs are still in the sky for a period of time. Can’t they be photographed clearly at this time? It is obvious that such UFO incidents are all fake. They were made by some people through PS technology, not real UFOs.

Another explanation for UFOs is that they may be some aircraft secretly studied by human beings. I believe friends all know that whether it is the United States, China, or some other developed countries, there will be secret aircraft research projects. In recent years, some UFOs frequently appear on the earth, which may be these secret aircrafts that we don’t know.

Because this kind of secret aircraft will not be made public, when we inadvertently observe it, the official can only explain it by UFO. As for the claim that UFO is an alien civilization aircraft, it is only a guess at present. It is still a mystery whether there are alien civilization vehicles on earth, and this mystery can only be explored and studied in the future.

Children, what do you think of UFO? Welcome friends to leave a message below to discuss and express their opinions.

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