The underground ecosystem is twice as large as the ocean, and the total biomass exceeds the surface, which is an eye opener for scientists

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. As a very lucky planet, it soon became a rare life planet in the universe. After billions of years of evolution and evolution, human beings were finally born millions of years ago. After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to explore and study this life planet.

In many people’s cognition, terrestrial life is the most abundant on the earth, followed by the ocean. Few people will discuss the underground life. In people’s cognition, although there are underground life, it is insignificant compared with the life on the ground and in the sea. Is this really the case?

We all know that the earth is a rocky planet. In addition to the ground and the ocean, the largest part should be the interior of the earth. Through seismic wave detection, scientists divide the structure of the earth’s interior into three parts: the crust, the mantle and the core. Human beings and other terrestrial creatures live on the crust, and the crust is also the thinnest of the three structures, although it is the thinnest But the average thickness is 17 kilometers.

So is there life underground? The answer is yes, but most people know that underground life should be in shallow soil layer, similar to the existence of microorganisms. But scientists don’t think so. Biologists think that life forms underground may be more abundant than those on the ground and in the ocean. In order to explore and uncover the mystery of underground life, as early as 10 years ago, scientists from all over the world formed a scientific team and began to explore and study the underground biological world.

After more than 10 years of exploration and Research on underground life, scientists officially announced to the world that they have discovered a huge underground biological world, in which the life forms and total amount are far more abundant than those on the ground.

After scientists announced their initial exploration of the underground life world in the past 10 years, it caused a sensation in the whole scientific community. At this time, people began to pay enough attention to the underground ecosystem. It seems that human’s cognition of the earth is far from enough. The discovery of the underground ecosystem may change human’s re cognition of life.

However, there are obvious differences between the organisms in the underground world and those on the ground and in the sea. Because there is no sunlight in the underground world and there is no abundant oxygen supply, scientists have found that most of the organisms in the underground world are anaerobic. For example, a kind of microorganism discovered by scientists in the underground biosphere relies on hydrogen as its energy source, which is completely different from the life forms of surface organisms.

In the past, people thought that there would be no life in the place too deep underground. However, the results of scientists’ exploration in the past 10 years have found that this is not the case at all. The underground biosphere has been found at different depths, and with the increase of depth, the species of organisms not only do not decrease, but also show an increasing trend. According to the preliminary estimate of scientists, the living space of the underground world where life exists is at least 2-2.3 billion cubic kilometers. That’s twice the number of marine ecosystems.

It is estimated that the total carbon content of underground organisms can reach 15-23 billion tons, while the total carbon content of human body in the world is only 1 / 385 of them. Moreover, due to the limitation of human science and technology, the underground world that we can explore now is only the tip of the iceberg. It is possible that the real underground ecosystem is much larger and more complex than scientists estimate.

At present, the underground world that scientists are exploring is limited to the crustal layer, and human science and technology are not able to dig through the crustal layer. At present, the deepest underground drilling hole in the world should be the Kela ultra deep drilling hole of the former Soviet Union, with a depth of more than 12000 meters, which is quite a distance from the average thickness of the crust of 17000 meters.

The underground biosphere explored by scientists does not go deep into the earth’s crust, so we do not know how many kinds of underground life there are in the earth’s crust, and how large the earth’s crust ecosystem is. This is just the crust layer. Among the three structures inside the earth, the most legendary one is the mantle layer. In the past, people thought that the mantle layer should be in a molten state because of its very high temperature and high pressure. It is unlikely to have a huge solid structure.

However, according to the latest detection results of seismic waves, scientists found that there are two giant solid structures in the mantle layer, which run through the whole mantle layer like two peaks. If these two huge objects are placed under the surface, their height can really penetrate the atmosphere and reach into space, which shows how huge they are.

Scientists don’t know exactly what these two giant objects are. Although we don’t know what these two giant solid objects are, the mystery of the mantle layer once again refreshes our understanding. Since there are huge objects like mountains in the mantle, will there be more complex and mysterious creatures here?

Now scientists have discovered that the earth’s crust is rich in ecosphere and life forms. So the possibility of life in the mantle beneath the crust is also great. If there is life in the mantle layer, then life here must have the properties of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. If so, it will definitely break the human cognition of life.

If there is life in the earth’s underground high temperature environment, the existence of extraterrestrial life may be very common. This will be a great help for human beings to explore and find extraterrestrial life. In the past, scientists believed that life is difficult to be born and survive in some harsh environment, such as high temperature environment and high pressure environment. But at present, scientists have also found the existence of life in some extreme environments of the earth, which shows that the tenacious survival ability of life is far beyond our imagination.

If there is life in the mantle, there may also be life in the high temperature and high pressure ecosystem like Venus. We should know that the high temperature and pressure in the earth’s interior, especially in the mantle layer, is much stronger than that on the surface of Venus. Moreover, there are so many life systems in the earth, will there be rich life networks in other planets of the solar system?

It can be seen that the underground ecosystem discovered by scientists has a great influence on human beings. It not only enables us to have a new understanding of the underground ecosystem, but also enables us to re recognize life. Through the discovery of the earth’s underground life network, scientists realize that life may not be as rare in the universe as originally recognized, and that life may exist in the universe It’s a universal existence, but intelligent life like human beings is a rare existence.

Human exploration of the underground ecosystem has just begun. With the rapid development of science and technology in the future, the depth of the underground will continue to increase, and we will know more kinds of underground life. Maybe one day, we will be able to find more complex underground life, and even the legendary underground civilization can not be completely denied.

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