The underground world revealed by Snowden is actually the earth’s indigenous people, and human beings are the people in the center of the earth?

Where people actually come from has not yet been solved. Isn’t it true that Darwin’s theory of evolution doesn’t tell us that humans evolved from apes? But evolution can’t solve this problem perfectly. The biggest loophole is that there is no fossil evidence of transitional species. So many people are still talking about the origin of human beings.

There is a view that in the long history of the earth, there may not be only one human civilization, but there may be other civilizations besides human beings. It has been rumored that Snowden, a former CIA staff member, once revealed that there may be an underground world under the ground where another group of “human beings” live. Some people think that maybe geocentric people are the aborigines of the earth, while humans may be aliens.

Is Snowden’s underground civilization wrong?

According to legend, there are a group of geocentric people inside the earth. As far as we know, even though geocentric people don’t need oxygen, at least they need a hole in the earth’s interior that can be used as their living space. Even if they don’t need the sun, their activities have to depend on different kinds of energy, so it is most likely to use the earth’s geothermal energy, and then these holes in the earth’s core must be very close to the earth’s interior.

However, this is obviously impossible. First, normally, the interior of the earth cannot be hollow. Because the earth’s crust is more active, earthquakes will occur frequently in the earth’s interior. What kind of cavity is needed to ensure that it will not collapse? And the temperature and pressure inside the earth are very high.

Even the interior of the cave is bound to be filled with magma. Unless geocentric people can survive in it, they cannot live deep underground. Therefore, the possibility of geocentric man’s existence can be basically ruled out. Don’t say they’re indigenous people on earth.

Is it possible that humans are aliens?

Many scientists have studied where life on earth comes from. Some scientists speculate that life on earth may come from other planets. In recent years, scientists have found a variety of organic substances in meteorites, especially the sugars that make up RNA. The results show that extraterrestrial organisms may indeed exist in space. Perhaps the seeds of life on earth were brought to earth by meteorites from space.

Therefore, it may not be impossible for human beings to come to earth from outer space. However, it remains to be verified by scientists whether we will come to the earth directly in the form of complete human or ape like, or in the form of genetic material. However, perhaps the first biological samples on earth may have come from an alien planet, then gradually developed and evolved on earth, and finally human beings appeared. In this respect, it is true that human beings may also become “alien”.

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