The universe civilization is divided into seven levels. Human beings are still in the first level, and the sixth level civilization makes people yearn for

With the popularity of “Fu Lian 4”, the resounding finger of mieba and the energy of infinite gems make the life of the earth and even the universe sigh. After the birth of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, people’s vision has gradually jumped out of the limitation of time and space. However, as the measurement units of everything have changed and technology has developed, people also realize that in this huge universe, there will be more advanced civilizations in the evolution and birth, while the earth is just a drop in the ocean, and human civilization is more advanced It’s a spray. Therefore, scientists put forward the Kardashev level, which divides the universe civilization into seven levels and also points out the direction for future generations. So what are these levels?

First class civilization

First class civilization, also known as planetary civilization, can make full use of the energy of stars to reach the planet, and can control all civilization levels on the planet. So, as the dominant human of the earth, has it reached this level? The answer is: No, and the level only lies in type: 0.72. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that the bottleneck and constraint of the first level civilization lies in the resource capacity of the planet. Once the resources are exhausted, the civilization no longer exists, then the second level civilization will appear.

Second class civilization

The second level civilization is called stellar civilization. In short, the civilization after the second level will be able to control the energy of the star without the control of the planets, and then control a galaxy. That is to say, controlling the energy of the sun will control the material of any planet in the solar system.

Three level civilization

The third level civilization is a galactic civilization. If you are interested in cosmic travel, you will understand that if you master the third level civilization, then human beings will shuttle through the galaxy. Moreover, compared with the first level civilization, the energy absorbing surface is not only limited to one planet, even dark matter and black holes will become the source of energy.

The first three levels have solved the current global resource crisis, so the last four levels, needless to say, will be “Omega” level.

Four level civilization

The fourth level is beyond galaxies. This civilization can accurately locate individual galaxies and communicate with other galaxies. The concept of dimension reduction in three bodies was formed in the fourth stage.

Five level civilization

The fifth level will be a higher concept. This level will completely break through the measurement of time under the premise of the first four levels. That is to say, in this level, you can cross time and enter any node of the so-called time axis.

Level six civilization

The sixth level will travel through space. From this, we can see that the infinite glove of mieba has mastered the sixth level civilization and can control the energy of all creatures in the cognitive field. Then, what kind of higher civilization will the final level be? Yes, this level of civilization will create the universe again.

Seven level civilization

The energy of the big bang, the jump point of time and the technology of space section are just a flick in the seventh level. Yuexiasang’s “no afterlife” also shows that the height of the seventh civilization of the yuabis has gone beyond the dimensional control, and even can be said that the seventh civilization is comparable to the gods.

The limitation of hierarchy makes people realize the vastness of the universe. At the same time, when Canada received 1.5 billion light-years of repeated radio signals, human beings understood that in the universe, we may not be alone, because we are less than level 1 civilization, and we are more committed to advanced civilization.

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