The universe has been circulating, there have been 20 big explosions, and there will be more in the future

Before Hawking’s death, he thought that there had been 20 big explosions in the universe, and the universe had such a cycle, from explosion to aggregation, and then to explosion. Hawking also predicts that the future will continue to cycle. What’s going on?

As we all know, the astrophysical world and the whole world believe that the universe was born from the big bang. The explosion is in a singularity, the energy fluctuation of the singularity is very active, and then it is released in the form of explosion, and a lot of matter is released, and finally the universe is formed. The big bang theory is the basis for the study of the universe, and the clue left by the big bang – “cosmic microwave background radiation” just proves that the universe is expanding and formed from one point. However, some scientists have questioned this theory. They think that since the universe was exploded, what was the shape before the explosion? What will it be like in the future? These unknowable problems have aroused the research of many scientists, including Hawking.

Many years before Hawking died, when he studied the theory of black holes, he found that black holes exist so huge that they will not disappear. Then suppose that in the limited time, the expansion speed of the universe is slower and slower, and almost all the celestial bodies in the universe die out. At this time, only black holes are active in the universe, so all the celestial bodies will be swallowed by black holes. The big black holes will eventually swallow up the small black holes, and finally form a huge black hole. As the black hole shrinks, its internal energy is extremely compressed, and its energy and mass reach a singularity. With a loud bang, the big bang of the universe took place, releasing huge energy and various absorbed substances, and a new universe was born.

This theory is also known as circular cosmology. At that time, Hawking discussed with scientists and found that when the black hole absorbed all the celestial bodies, it would release gravitons and photons, which is called Hawking radiation. The only clue left by the Big Bang is the background radiation of the universe. Scientists study the radiation to describe the process of the formation of the universe. At the beginning of the big bang, there will be a bright mark, which is called Hawking point. However, scientists have found 20 Hawking dots in the universe. This bright evidence indicates that the universe has exploded 20 times.

Will the universe last? Or continue the cycle as Hawking predicted? Or not, but there is a certain time point, the universe stops expanding, the black hole will no longer absorb at a certain point, and the universe will be in equilibrium? Will human beings be able to solve these difficult problems in their limited life? This is what we all look forward to together!

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