The universe has been expanding. Where does the new space come from?

Since human beings came out of the earth and saw the vastness of the universe, they realized that the earth is so small. At the same time, they have been thinking about a question: How did the universe come from? As for the origin of the universe, modern science believes that the universe comes from the big bang of singularity. 18.6 billion years ago, a singularity with infinitely small density and infinitely large mass exploded, and the matter inside the singularity erupted and expanded, and the universe was born.

Through observation and research, scientists found that the stars in the universe have been constantly away from each other, which shows that our universe has been expanding, so some people think: where does the new space from the expansion of the universe come from? For this problem, we can think of the universe as an expanding balloon. Each celestial body is the spot on the balloon. With the continuous expansion of the balloon, the spot on the balloon will go away.

The universe is constantly expanding, that is, the surface of the balloon is constantly expanding outward, and the distance between the points above will be farther and farther, and the farther away the points are, the faster the regression speed will be. Another theory holds that when the expansion of the universe makes the distance between galaxies huge enough, many new materials will be created from nothingness to fill the gaps and maintain the density of cosmic materials.

If the universe is a sphere, there must be a boundary, and many people will think of a question, that is, will there be a broader space outside the universe? If there is no space outside the universe, how can the universe expand? The reason why a balloon can expand is that there is enough space for it to expand. If the balloon is enclosed in a fixed space, it will not continue to expand.

Some people think that there is no space outside the universe, our universe is space, and the expansion of the universe is not the balloon expansion we think, but a higher level expansion, that is, the size of the universe remains unchanged, but the internal space is growing. Of course, this kind of possibility is also possible, but more people have put forward the idea of multiverse, thinking that the universe is not the only one.

If there is a multiverse, it also means that there must be more space outside the universe. In fact, Xiaobian agrees with the view that there should be more space outside the universe, so that the universe has enough space to expand. We can call the space outside the universe chaotic space. No one knows how the chaotic space came into being. It breeds the birth of the universe. In the chaotic space, the universe is constantly born and destroyed.

The universe may not be eternal, but also has its life. When the life of the universe reaches the end, it will collapse, shrink inward rapidly, and finally form a singularity with infinite density and mass. Then the singularity will explode again, and a new universe will be born. We can think of singularity as an infinitely small version of the universe, which contains everything in the universe. When it explodes, it will release matter, and then form galaxies and celestial bodies, and continue to expand outward.

The expansion of the universe may not be infinite. When it expands to the limit, it will continue to shrink inward. We don’t know how big the universe is, just as human beings don’t know how big the earth is before they walk out of the earth. When people walk out of the earth, they will see the size of the earth. The universe is the same as nature. When we are in the universe, we don’t know how big the universe is. When we go out of the universe, we look back and realize that the universe is not as big as we think, and it is just one of countless universes in the chaotic space.

If there is a huge chaotic space outside the universe, and there are many universes, then these universes must be big and small, just like the celestial bodies in the universe, the sizes are different. The universe is also divided into size. The big universe may be thousands or tens of thousands of times of the small universe. Naturally, different universes are formed at different times. Some universes may be very old. The ancient universe must be a universe that constantly shrinks inward. For example, our universe is still expanding outward, which also shows that our universe is still in its young and middle age.

There will naturally be different intelligent civilizations in different universes. The civilizations of the ancient universe have existed for a very long time, and their strength of civilization will naturally be very strong, which is far from comparable to the civilization of our young universe. So there is another explanation for the origin of the universe, that is, man-made. When a civilization is powerful to a certain extent, it may not be difficult to create the universe, but we just can’t understand it.

The above understanding of the universe and the expansion of the universe is just a conjecture. Human beings have just begun to explore the universe, and there is not much time for us to understand the universe. If we want to really understand the ultimate mystery of the universe, we have to continuously develop science and technology. When human spaceships can travel all over the universe in the future, our understanding of the universe will be almost the same. In order to truly solve the ultimate mystery of the universe, we may have to go out of the universe.

This is the same reason that human beings are in the earth. If we can’t get out of the earth, even if you go to every corner of the earth, you may not really understand the ultimate secret and answer of the earth. Only when you get out of the earth and look back at the earth, you will have a more intuitive understanding of the earth and understand that the earth is just an insignificant planet in the universe. So is the universe. When you go out of the universe and look back at the universe, you may find that the universe is just a huge planet.

Guys, what do you think of the expansion of the universe? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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