The universe has seven levels of power, but human beings are less than one level. How powerful are the four levels of civilization?

He was a famous physicist in 1965. Nikolay Kardashev put forward a very famous Theory — the level of civilization. Civilization is divided into three levels in Nikolay Kardashev’s setting. In his cognition, the level of civilization can not exceed three levels, because the energy provided by the local Galaxy Group is not enough to make civilization leave the local Galaxy Group, so civilization will always maintain three levels.

Due to the rapid development of science and technology, Kardashev’s hierarchical theory has also been overthrown by many scientists. Based on their existing knowledge, they infer the civilization from level 4 to level 7. In this issue, we will talk about how powerful level 4 civilization is.

The fourth level civilization is what we often call the cosmic civilization. The power of this level civilization has also upgraded from one galaxy cloud to multiple Galaxy clouds. Even if their footprints cover the whole universe, the energy generated is not enough to be used on stars like the solar system.

If civilization wants to get more energy, it must look for giant celestial bodies containing more, larger and more lasting energy, and neutron stars have become their targets, because neutron stars produce a huge amount of energy when they explode, that is, the so-called supernova explosion. The energy generated at the moment of explosion is the sum of the energy of a star in 10 billion years. When civilization reaches this level Only the energy like neutron star in the universe can create enough energy for civilization in a short time.

Unfortunately, every 100 years, each galaxy will have 3-5 supernova explosions. Therefore, when searching for neutron stars, the fourth level civilization’s footprints will cover many Galaxy clouds. Although, as Einstein said, no matter what level of civilization, the physical limit of matter can never be broken, and this level of civilization still can’t break the speed of light, the fourth level civilization can By using the strong gravitational field, we can make a long-distance space jump and reach any known coordinates on the star map in a short time.

If there is enough time, level 4 civilization may leave footprints in the whole universe. Here, the whole universe refers to the scope of the universe known by human beings, that is, the original universe with a diameter of 93 billion light-years. As for the space beyond the original universe, there is no other universe, and only civilization can know after shuttling.

Maybe, as Einstein said, the universe is a boundless sphere, or there is a universe outside the universe, or there is a wall outside the universe, and the fourth level civilization can not pass through its past, which is impossible to guess. Although the footprints of the four civilizations have been confirmed, when looking for energy, they will spread throughout the universe, and when looking for energy, they may be revealing all the secrets of the universe.

Many fourth level civilizations begin to degenerate after they know everything unknown, because in their cognition, the limit of the universe will reach its peak, and all the energy in the universe will be consumed one day. In order to get enough energy and resources, they will launch large-scale wars in the universe, suppress the existence of all civilizations, and master all the resources It’s in your own hands.

As the science fiction “three bodies” said, in this war, the vast majority of the four civilizations will die out, the war of interstellar civilization will be earth shaking, after the war, only a few of the four civilizations will exist in the universe, and life will change unprecedentedly, they may just be some consciousness bodies that can be connected to the machine for remote operation.

No scientist knows that after civilization reaches this level, it is almost impossible for the existence of the universe to make civilization extinct. Only in the war of civilization of the same level can life be exterminated by other races. Moreover, no scientist knows how long it will take for human beings to become a fourth level civilization, or that we will be more advanced if we are less than a fourth level civilization What other civilizations devour, the above content is human’s setting of four levels of civilization. Of course, the level of civilization is not over. After four levels, there are five higher levels.

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