The universe is so vast, what is the significance of its existence? Is it because of human beings? I think too much!

In ancient times, people thought that the earth they stepped on was the center of the universe. Even Xia Jie thought that they were the center of the universe. The sun and the moon revolved around them.

This logic seems absurd, but it also has its rationality. As far as individuals are concerned, they are indisputable protagonists in everyone’s life, and when this feeling extends to a larger scope, their place naturally becomes the protagonist.

For the center of the universe in your heart. But in fact, whether we ourselves, or the earth under our feet, or even the brilliant sun in the sky, have nothing to do with the center of the universe.

The earth under our feet is just an ordinary planet, called the earth, which, together with the other seven planets, circulates around the sun periodically. The sun itself is just a star, which is also in motion. It circulates around the center of the Milky Way galaxy and the silver center. It can circle the earth once every 226 million years.

The sun is unique in our mind. If we only limit its scope to the solar system, then this kind of cognition is not a problem. But if we extend its scope to the whole galaxy, we will find how shallow our cognition is, because in the galaxy, there are more than 100 billion stars, which is only the most conservative estimate, if it is larger If you dare, it could reach 400 billion.

If the universe is just like this, it is still within the scope of our knowledge. It can be said that there are as many galaxies in the universe as the Milky way. If we don’t give a number, it will not be less than one trillion. If we stand in front of a huge universe of trillions of galaxies, can we still think of the sun? Do you remember a planet in the universe called Earth? Others think that there is a kind of creature called human on the earth. Is this the core of the universe?

Man is insignificant to the universe. Obviously, the universe does not exist by man, and man can not be the creator of the universe.

Where does such a huge universe come from? It is unimaginable that once such a huge universe was a singularity with infinitely small volume. It was a point with infinite density, infinite curvature of space-time, and infinitely high temperature. Because a certain balance in the singularity was broken, the singularity exploded, and in an instant, space-time and matter exploded.

The gas and dust in the space gradually gather together to form a big object like a cloud. Now we call it a nebula.

This is a huge nebula, the predecessor of the solar system. Conservatively, the diameter of this nebula can exceed ten light years. Then, the nebular matter begins to condense and collapse under the mutual gravitation. In the collapse process, due to the increase of angular momentum, they begin to rotate. This rotation makes the nebular matter gradually flatten and form a cloud disk. At the center of the cloud disk, a massive celestial body is formed, because the matter is very dense.

After the formation of the sun, the huge gravity will further attract more material to gather to itself, and at the edge of the nebula, some edge material will condense into planets, and then the relatively heavy planets will collide with the smaller planets to clear their orbits, slowly forming what the solar system looks like today.

One of the eight planets orbiting the sun is located in the habitable zone of the solar system. Its mass is moderate. Finally, the seeds of life appeared on this planet. After billions of years of evolution, another kind of intelligent life called “human” was born. Because of its limited cognitive ability, this life form once thought that it was the center of the universe.

It makes people feel that we are observing an ant colony. When it finally climbs a mound, it proudly declares that it has occupied the whole world, and it doesn’t know. Because it is too small, it doesn’t even realize that there is an observer named “human” around it. However, unlike ants, man is a kind of intelligent creature. Therefore, man can expand his cognition and understand the wider world by constantly developing his own civilization, and even solve all the unknown mysteries in the universe at a certain time in the future. However, man’s understanding of the insignificance of the universe has not changed.

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