The universe may be a “holographic projection”, and quantum entanglement provides us with a thinking direction

Hundreds of years ago, mankind embarked on the road of industrial development, and the basis of industry is a variety of theoretical sciences. Without the emergence and breakthrough of various theoretical sciences, science and technology can not be developed. Among the numerous branches of science, physics is the leading one.

Physics is the leader of natural science, from the microscopic particles invisible to the naked eye, to the macroscopic infinite space, all in the scope of physics research. And the great scientists in the history of human science are basically in the field of physics, such as Newton and Einstein. The field of physics has made great contributions to mankind.

Most of the essence of the world belongs to the field of physics, especially the research and exploration of physicists are needed for human beings to study and explore the mysteries of the universe. Physics is not important in the scientific world, it is the theoretical basis of other disciplines, it represents the human cognition of the nature of the universe.

By studying the laws and forms of motion of matter, we begin to understand the world step by step and the universe beyond the earth. Physics is very important to human beings, which determines the hierarchical strength of human civilization. Mastering more knowledge in the field of physics can make human beings stronger faster and better explore the mysteries of the universe.

Although it has been hundreds of years since human beings entered the era of science and technology, the real brilliant period of basic theory of physics is actually in the early 20th century. The beginning of the 20th century can be said to be the brilliant stage of physics. At that time, the continuous emergence of physical theories laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of science and technology.

If physicists follow the pace of development at the beginning of the 20th century, the scientific and technological strength of mankind will soon usher in major breakthroughs, and will soon become a powerful interstellar civilization. However, in the middle and late 20th century, many physicists found that the development of human physics seemed to encounter a “bottleneck”, and the development speed gradually slowed down and became more and more slow.

Some friends may not understand: since physics developed more and more slowly in the middle and late last century, why has human science and technology developed so fast in the past 50 years? In fact, here is a brief explanation. The slow development of physicists does not mean the slow development of science and technology. When physicists say that physics began to slow down 50 years ago, they mainly mean that there is no major theoretical breakthrough, especially the basic theory.

The basic theory is the key to the qualitative change of science and technology. The various kinds of science and technology we are applying now are actually the application of various basic theories put forward by physicists at the beginning of last century from theory to reality. Whether it is electromagnetic theory or relativity, they affect the later development of Science and technology. All our applied science and technology are not divorced from the great theories of physics at the beginning of last century.

Why did physics slow down from the middle and late last century? Scientists believe that the main reason is the disunity of “relativity” and “quantum mechanics”.

I believe friends all know that there are four basic forces in the universe: strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force and gravity. At the beginning of last century, scientists had their own physical framework theory. However, when scientists wanted to unify the four forces, they met with great resistance. Einstein’s wish in his later years was to unify the four basic forces in the universe, but it was also unsuccessful.

Nowadays, the four basic force theories formed by human beings can only be studied and explored in their respective frameworks, and they can not be really unified. This is enough to prove that the current physical theories of human beings are still incomplete and have many defects.

In order to unify the four basic forces, scientists put forward the “grand unification theory”. Only by unifying the four basic forces can we explain the essence of the universe and explain many incomprehensible material phenomena. It is self-evident that the great unity theory is of great importance to human beings, so many scientists have joined the ranks, hoping to find a way to unify them.

We can foresee that no matter who can unify these four forces, he will become a greater scientist than Einstein. But up to now, no one has done so. For the grand unification theory, only two theories still in conjecture can be unified.

One is string theory. The basic point of string theory is that the basic unit of nature is not dot like particles such as electrons, photons, neutrinos and quarks, but very small linear “strings”. String theory unifies the four basic forces in theory, but there is no experiment to prove the correctness of string theory.

The other theory is “cosmic holography”. This theory even subverts people’s cognition. It holds that the matter in the universe does not exist, and everything that human beings perceive is just “information”. Our universe is an inseparable “whole” and a “holographic projection”.

We all know about “holographic projection”, which is actually a kind of virtual reality technology. Although the current human virtual reality technology is far from the real realization, but only from the current research results can see that once the future virtual reality technology is realized, then when we enter the virtual world, it is difficult for you to distinguish between reality and virtual reality.

In holographic cosmology, our universe is a virtual reality projected out, and the essence of the universe is countless information. Why do scientists come up with such a subversive theory? What is the scientific and technological basis? In fact, the reason why scientists put forward holographic cosmology is mainly inspired by quantum entanglement.

Behind the macro is the micro, and the micro research and exploration theory is quantum mechanics. In the world of quantum mechanics, there are many phenomena that completely subvert the macro theory, such as quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is a big problem in physics. Einstein once called it “ghost”.

Quantum entanglement means that when two particles in a system are entangled, no matter how far they are divided, they can react instantly regardless of space and distance. This is a kind of super distance effect that completely subverts our cognition. When multiple particles interact, they will form a whole.

After forming a whole, even if the particles are separated, they are still entangled. Even if two particles are separated by tens of light years or hundreds of light years, they can interact instantaneously, completely ignoring distance and time. This kind of influence is far faster than the speed of light, not the speed of light in our cognition.

Quantum entanglement only occurs in quantum system. There is no such phenomenon in the macro universe, but we should not forget that the macro is composed of the micro. Theoretically, the macro and micro should be synchronous, and the quantum entanglement in the micro should also exist in the macro universe. But the reality is not, how is this going on?

In this regard, scientists begin to doubt the nature of the universe through the magical phenomenon of quantum entanglement. If the universe is a holographic projection, it can well explain that quantum can ignore the influence of distance to achieve instantaneous entanglement. Because the universe itself is a whole, under the separation of the whole, anything can achieve instant mutual influence.

If the universe is a holographic projection, where does the projection source come from? Scientists speculate that it may be a three-dimensional projection from a two-dimensional world. All the experiences of human beings may come from the real events in the two-dimensional world. This theory overturns our cognition, and most people are still reluctant to believe such things.

However, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the deepening understanding of quantum entanglement, more and more scientists are trying to prove this theory from all directions. At present, this subversive theory is only left in the conjecture stage. Whether it is string theory or holographic universe theory, it is not easy to prove them through experiments.

We are more willing to accept string theory than holographic theory. Because string theory can at least prove that our universe is a real universe, not a three-dimensional projection of the two-dimensional world. However, the truth is often unexpected, and we don’t know what the essence of the universe is?

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