The universe may be an organism, will continue to devour our beautiful earth

Every time we look up at the vast and beautiful starry sky, we will have a sense of superciliousness. In fact, we are very similar to the infinite loneliness and insignificance of the universe we are facing.

The universe is so huge, and human beings are so small. He is very mysterious and vast. None of us knows what secrets are hidden in the other end of the universe, and we don’t know where the boundary of the universe is? Or does the universe have boundaries?

What we know at this stage is that the diameter of the universe is 92 billion light-years, boundless and very large. Some people speculate that we humans may be just a computer simulation data, and there may be another “he” in the whole universe, which has a powerful force and is manipulating the universe.

All the higher civilizations in the universe are also manipulating the simulated world in the computer, and human beings are a small role in the simulated world. There are also many astronomers who imagine that the universe may be a living thing, and the planet earth we live on is only a small part of the living things in the universe. So how do we get this idea?

The universe may be a creature

The universe may be an organism that will continue to maintain its energy by devouring the beautiful earth and other planets. We all know that the universe is very big. We can think of it as an organism, just like a giant. Every planet in the universe is every cell in the giant’s body, and galaxies are every organ in the giant’s body. Super terrible black hole, white hole, even his pores, the earth we live on is the virus in giant’s body.

The universe has infinite vitality in our human impression. All of us are just a virus in his body. It’s as if we are all his parasites, parasitic on this cell called the earth, developing and destroying here all the time, and our cosmic civilization also has the same creatures as the universe.

The universe may also be the brain of some kind of creature, and many astronomers have made a super bold guess. That we live in this universe will be the brain of a giant goose, just a part of this creature. Because of advanced science and technology, we can use computers to carry out simulation experiments. Both the Internet and the human brain are all from the universe.

With the continuous evolution and growth of the universe, some nebulae and stars gradually appear in the universe. The growth of the universe is like the division and growth of the fertilized egg, which will continue to differentiate and then form tissue. Galaxies are like the tissues of life, with cells in them. Planets can also be regarded as the inner cells of galactic tissue, constantly absorbing the nutrients contained in the tissue.

The universe will continue to devour the beautiful earth. Some scientific experiments show that the earth will be destroyed in the near future. All human beings will migrate to other planets, and the virus will successfully destroy the earth cell. However, the next target has not been determined yet, but maybe more star cells will be destroyed later, until the death of the universe.

Although the universe is vast and magnificent, its existence may not be so meaningful if it is not recorded by intelligent creatures like human beings. We are insignificant to the universe, but we are unique to human beings.

Moreover, the universe is only a stable state of development after all, and its future possibilities are unpredictable. However, human beings have endless explosive power. We can create one miracle after another, and we may not be able to talk with him in the same position in the future. Man is small, man is great, and unique in the universe.

However, although the universe is magnificent, its existence may not be so meaningful without the records of intelligent creatures like us. We are insignificant to the universe, but we are all unique individuals to human beings. I believe that human beings have endless explosive power and can create miracles one by one. No matter what kind of difficulties we encounter, we will meet them!

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