The universe may “prohibit” humans from observing singularity. Why? Maybe to protect us

Many friends have heard of singularity. According to modern scientific theory, the universe originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. So what is the singularity? The definition given by scientists is a mysterious thing with infinite mass, infinitesimal volume, space-time distortion and heat.

So does this incredibly powerful singularity really exist? At present, we have not found any singularity, but scientists think that the center of the black hole may be a singularity. Black hole is no stranger to everyone. It is the conjecture product of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Later, scientists confirmed the existence of black hole through observation.

Black hole is a powerful and indescribable celestial body in the universe. Any matter around it will be swallowed, even if light enters the black hole, it cannot escape. Because of the powerful phagocytic ability of black holes, we can’t see the true face of black holes at all.

Although we can’t see the true face of black hole, we can observe the existence of black hole. That’s because the appearance of black hole is often accompanied by “event horizon”. This “event horizon” is actually the outer circle formed by the black hole in the process of devouring the surrounding celestial bodies and materials. In the event horizon, the high energy produced by the collision of various substances is released into the space, which is observed by us.

Therefore, it is very difficult for massive black holes to really hide their tracks. The “event horizon” formed by them is extremely bright. It is like a huge light bulb in the universe, which can be easily observed by us. There is a massive black hole in the center of every galaxy. The center of our galaxy is a very bright region, where there may be a supermassive black hole.

The reason why black holes are black is that no light can escape from the horizon of black holes. Therefore, human beings can not observe the inner scene of black holes. So what is the essence of black holes? Scientists speculate that the black hole may be a singularity, which is the product of the evolution of massive stars after they come to an end.

We all know that stars have lifespan, and the lifespan varies according to their mass. The more massive the stars are, the longer their lifespan is. However, the lifespan of massive stars is only tens of millions of years. When they go to the end, their cores are no longer stable, gradually collapse, and finally form a singularity.

From this, we can also regard the singularity as a special kind of celestial body, its mass is incredible, but its volume is extremely small. Scientists say that if the earth is compressed into a small ball of 9mm, it will become a singularity, resulting in a black hole. It’s just that the black hole is too small to last long and will soon evaporate.

The essence of the birth of a black hole is the singularity produced by ultra-high density matter. As long as the matter can be compressed to an extreme, it can form singularity and produce a black hole. However, as far as we know, only massive stars can compress matter to the extreme.

For the mystery of singularity, although we have a lot of conjecture research, but before we really observe it, there is uncertainty in everything. So can humans observe the singularity? At present, we have no ability to do so. Scientists guess that the center of a black hole is a singularity, but we can’t really observe the singularity through the horizon of the black hole.

Such results make us feel frustrated. For every scientist who studies celestial bodies, it is a grand wish to observe the singularity. In 2020, Penrose, the Nobel Laureate in physics, put forward a theory: “the universe forbids human beings to see the” singularity “in any black hole.”.

After this theory was put forward, it has been supported and recognized by many scientists. Seeing this, many friends may not understand: why does the universe prohibit human beings from observing singularity? Is there a big secret to this singularity? Scientists say that the purpose of the universe is to protect us. Why?

We all know that the discovery of various laws of physics is indispensable for human beings to have a better life and scientific and technological achievements. In the eyes of many people, the laws of human physics apply to the whole universe, to every corner of the universe. However, Einstein’s general theory of relativity proposed the theory of space-time curvature.

General relativity points out that the space-time of the universe is not uniform, and the “curvature of space-time” is different at different positions. The higher the density of matter, the higher the curvature of space-time. Although the curvature of space-time also exists in the normal space-time position of the universe, the influence is very small and will not have much influence on our physical laws. The human physical laws are still applicable to these spaces.

But if it is in the universe where the curvature of space-time is particularly exaggerated, the situation will be completely different. It may make our physical laws completely invalid and useless. So is there such a place in the universe? The answer is yes. These are where the black hole is, where the singularity is.

Singularity is characterized by infinite mass and infinite density, so the distortion of space-time near the singularity is particularly exaggerated. The curvature of space-time is the highest place in the universe, and the essence of gravity is the curvature of space-time. When the curvature of space-time reaches a particularly exaggerated level, the space around it will be completely different, and the laws of human physics will no longer apply here.

Our physical theories and laws are based on a flat space-time, but if the curvature of space-time is so high that even light can not escape from the singularity, then everything will be invalid. Without the support of physical theory, we can’t describe the motion of matter accurately.

Therefore, human physical theory can not describe the things near the singularity, can not describe the things in the black hole, which will make human lose the ability to describe the future, will produce more obstacles to human scientific exploration road, is not conducive to the development of science. You know, once we see the singularity and see that human physical theory is not working, we may have an illusion that all the scientific systems we are studying may be wrong.

Once people have doubts about their scientific theories, it will cause the slow development of human civilization, and even make human science and technology stagnate. Therefore, in order to protect the future of mankind, the universe will not let us see the singularity. Of course, this prohibition is not permanent, but a temporary blockade.

As long as the scientific road of mankind can continue to develop, our knowledge of the universe and singularity will be more and more. When science develops to a certain extent, it may be able to develop some scientific theories specifically for singularity space. At that time, the universe will unlock the ban on singularity and let us see its true features. I believe that at that time, the scientific and technological strength of mankind will also develop to a very high stage and enter the ranks of advanced civilizations in the universe.

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