The universe originated from the singularity big bang, so where did this singularity come from?

Since exploring the universe, human beings have been thinking about a question: How did the universe come from? The current mainstream view of the origin of the universe is the singularity explosion. This theory holds that the universe was a singularity with infinitesimal volume and infinitesimal density 13.7 billion years ago. Later, the singularity exploded and the universe was born. After the birth of the universe, it began to expand and eventually formed what we are now.

The big bang theory was formally put forward by American astrophysicist Gamov and others in the 1920s. Later, some scientists found some strong evidence to prove the correctness of the big bang theory. Therefore, most people support the big bang theory now.

Later, the great physicist Hawking further studied and discussed the origin of the universe. Hawking believed that the origin of the universe was a singularity smaller than an atom at first, and then a big explosion occurred at the singularity. Some basic particles were formed through the energy of the big explosion. Under the action of the energy of these particles, various substances in the universe were gradually formed.

Another kind of black hole theory holds that the initial starting point of the universe is actually a black hole. The matter in the black hole shrinks continuously, the volume becomes smaller and smaller, and the density becomes larger and larger. Finally, it shrinks to a critical point and rebounds suddenly, expanding rapidly, and the universe is born. There are many scientific theories supporting the universe as a black hole, because this theory can also explain some problems The rules and phenomena of the universe.

No matter which theory it is, the original form of the universe is a singularity with infinitely small volume and infinitely large density. But here comes a new problem: where does this singularity come from? In fact, few people have thought about this problem. What we are concerned about is the big bang and the theory of inflation. There are very few people who really study the origin of the singularity. The reason why few people study it is because it is too difficult.

There are only two possibilities for the singularity of the original form of the universe, one is natural, the other is man-made. First of all, let’s think of a question: 13.7 billion years ago, the singularity is a very small matter, so what kind of existence is the space outside the singularity? Later, the big bang happened at the singularity, and our universe was formed. Then it expanded and gradually formed today’s universe. So where was the space where the singularity was at that time? Is it possible that our universe is expanding outwards and is still in that vast space?

We compare the universe to a balloon. If the balloon wants to expand continuously, the premise is that the outer space should be enough to accommodate it. If the outer space is limited, it is impossible for the balloon to expand infinitely. If it reaches the limit of the outer space, it will not continue to expand.

In the same way, the reason why we can expand so infinitely after the big bang shows that there is a wider space outside our universe. We can call this space big space. No one knows how big this big space is. Maybe our universe is just a grain of dust in this big space.

There are countless planets in our universe, and each planet is a grain of dust relative to the whole universe. Similarly, we compare the big space to our universe, and our universe to every planet. Then our universe is just a grain of dust. There may be countless universes in this big space, and our universe is just one of them. This is the concept of multiverse put forward by modern science.

It’s not impossible that there is a universe beyond the universe. Let’s go back to the question just now: the origin of the singularity. Some people will think that this singularity was formed naturally in large space, and finally exploded and expanded to form a universe, and other universes in large space may also be formed in this way.

There is also a view that the singularity is made by advanced civilization in large space, maybe it is just a kind of experimental object. Many people may think it is a bit ridiculous. Can the universe be created artificially? In fact, it’s entirely possible. We don’t know how powerful the end of science and technology is. For example, people on earth in ancient times would think that there are airplanes, spaceships and atomic bombs now? In the same way, we can’t imagine how advanced human science and technology will be in tens of thousands of years. Will human beings have the ability to create the universe at that time?

If there is a multiverse, the birth time of each universe in the big space will not be the same. Some universes may be very old. The advanced civilizations in these ancient universes may have developed for hundreds of millions, billions or even tens of billions of years. We can’t imagine the ability of such civilizations. Maybe in the eyes of these ancient advanced civilizations It’s also easy to create a universe in large space.

The original form singularity of the universe may be the result of these advanced civilizations. They put the seed of singularity in the big space, and then let it explode. The singularity itself is a universe, but the advanced civilizations use their advanced technology to compress it. This may be a powerful space technology. After the singularity explosion, the inner space was released and expanded.

If so, the universe will not expand indefinitely. It will have a limit. Scientists have observed that our universe is still expanding, indicating that our universe has not reached its limit. These are just some conjectures. The real origin of the universe still needs the rapid development of science and technology. Only when human beings really have the ability to gallop freely in the universe and reach the edge of the universe, it may not be far away. The ultimate mystery of the future universe may be bigger than many people expect.

Guys, what do you think of this singularity? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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