The unpopular “X-ray vision” in super power! You will feel the same after watching it

If you have X-ray vision, do you think you are cool? With this ability, you can see through your skin, through walls and doors, and see through everything. But what Xiaobian wants to tell you is that of all the superpowers, this is probably the last one you want.

What would you do if you had ray power?

As we all know, X-rays are light, but their wavelengths are different from visible light, which makes them interact with matter in different ways. Basically, it makes certain materials partially transparent, such as human tissue.

X-rays are not what superhero movies show, or even completely different. With X-ray vision, you have to have another superpower. Why?

Very few things on Earth naturally emit enough X-rays to make them visible, which means that you have to project the X-rays of your eyes on the objects you want to see through. But if you just look around, you won’t see any difference.

When you go to the emergency room of the hospital to check if you have any problems, the doctor will put you between the X-ray source (an X-ray machine) and an instrument that can detect X-rays, so you can’t act as an X-ray source and X-ray detector at the same time, unless you move very fast and track what you see all the time.

Before the X-ray arrives, although it’s not the visible light you normally see, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that the X-ray travels at the speed of light. This means that in order for your X-ray vision to work, you have to move faster than light.

Unfortunately, the laws of physics tell us that this is impossible. Because at present, no matter can exceed the speed of light.

But you don’t have to give up right now. The quick way to solve this problem is to work with your friend, who also needs to be given X-ray vision. Your friends emit X-rays, you detect X-rays, and vice versa.

When you use X-rays at will, anyone who does not wear lead clothing nearby will be injured by ionizing radiation. This radiation can damage human DNA, cause DNA mutations, and cause cancer in the next few years.

Maybe you should choose the function that can only detect X-rays, but not emit X-rays. But there are not many natural X-ray sources on earth. If this is the only thing you can detect, then you will be in almost complete darkness.

You can look up at the starry sky and see that the weak radiation from space is blocked by the earth’s atmosphere. What you can really see through is man-made things. You can start hanging out in the X-ray department of the hospital. When you’re bored, you can also play with particle accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland.

But that’s all the fun you call it. Our body and living environment are not suitable for this kind of super power. Your eye can process about 10 million colors in the visible spectrum, any color between ultraviolet and red, with more than 2 million work nodes.

Our eyes are the second most complex organ after the brain. They are far better than X-ray vision, so we’d better leave X-ray vision to Superman to save the earth!

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