The US satellite photographed the Shaanxi desert. The current situation is hotly debated. What has China done?

With the acceleration of human industrialization, the earth’s ecological environment is facing a severe situation, the earth’s environment seems to have reached a critical point, frequent natural disasters is the best evidence. Over the years, we can often see El Nino and La Nina, which are actually caused by the great changes in the earth’s environment. With the thawing of the frozen soil in the north and south poles, many prehistoric organisms and unknown bacteria have appeared in front of human beings.

What did the US satellite photograph?

Just a few days ago, a picture of China’s desert was taken by US satellite. After this picture was published on the Internet, it aroused heated discussion. Netizens all exclaimed that this is “anti human operation”. What’s the matter? The original image captured by satellite was in the desert of Shaanxi Province in China. Yulin area of Shaanxi Province was an oasis many years ago. Due to the lack of effective management and the rampant gale, it soon became one of the areas with serious land desertification.

In our cognition, the desert environment is very bad and difficult to control. However, this picture taken by the US satellite has aroused heated discussion among netizens. The original desert, which stretches over 40000 square kilometers, has disappeared completely, but many green areas have appeared instead. It’s impossible to plant green plants in the desert, but it’s really staged in our country. From a long time ago, our country has begun to harness this desert, not only improved the planting methods, but also established many windbreaks. By April last year, 90% of the desert had been properly managed.

balance of nature

The earth’s environment has been destroyed by human beings. With the deforestation of forest resources, habitat has become less and less, and many animals are homeless. The imbalance in this link has led to great changes in the global environment. Therefore, over the years, in addition to coping with global warming, countries have also advocated environmental protection and afforestation, with only green area More and more, the earth’s environment can be more and more balanced.

Of course, this desert is only a small part of China’s environmental governance. If this desert can be completely covered by green, it plays a vital role in the global environment, which also represents China’s great contribution to the earth’s environment. At the same time, such behavior also rings an alarm for mankind. If we wantonly destroy the earth’s environment, it is the most important thing It is ourselves that will be affected in the end.

So many netizens feel strange after seeing this photo. China is no longer a small country. With the continuous growth of R & D forces, China has also made great achievements. Just like desert control, many netizens praise that other countries should be more careful. This is anti human operation. I don’t know what you think?

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