The valuable diamond on the earth is worthless on this planet. It is a treasure land for explorers

There are many valuable mineral resources on the earth, such as rare metals. However, for ordinary people, the most favorite and most expensive one is diamonds. Especially for men and women who are going to get married, it’s a great honor to buy a diamond ring, but diamonds are very expensive, and there are not many people who can really afford them. Some people think that diamonds are tears from gods, which represent purity and love.

In fact, the essence of diamond is a kind of single crystal formed by carbon under high temperature and high pressure. Diamond refers to the polished diamond. Diamond is a kind of natural mineral and the original stone of diamond. The hardness of diamond in natural minerals is also the highest. The unit of diamond is carat, one carat is equivalent to 200 mg. Because the density of diamond is basically the same, the heavier the diamond, the larger the volume, the rarer the bigger the diamond, and the higher the value of each carat.

Diamond is actually the simplest gem. It is formed by carbon, but the formation conditions of diamond are extremely harsh. It can only be formed under the high temperature and high pressure inside the earth. Maybe diamonds are not rare inside the earth, but our current technology is unable to mine the minerals inside the earth. Only a very small number of diamonds will be in the shallow layer of the earth, so it is rare and very expensive.

With the continuous deepening of human space exploration, we know that there are countless space planets and various kinds of resources, which may be very rare on earth, and very precious resources may be everywhere on other planets, which are worthless. Diamond is a symbol of luxury on earth, especially the large diamond is priceless. In space, diamonds may not be valuable. There is a planet in the solar system, which often rains with diamonds. If you have the ability to get there, you can have as many diamonds as you want. It’s not unusual to have big diamonds.

This planet is Neptune, one of the eight major planets in the solar system. It is the farthest planet from the sun among the eight major planets in the solar system. It is also a gaseous planet. The atmosphere is dominated by hydrogen and helium, and there is a trace of methane. Methane in the atmosphere is one of the reasons why the planet appears blue. Because Neptune is the farthest from the earth, it is also the coldest planet. Its mass is 17 times that of the earth and 1 / 18 that of Jupiter.

The temperature at the bottom of Neptune’s atmosphere is very high, and the density of matter is relatively close. Therefore, some scientists speculate that when the temperature in the depth of Neptune’s atmosphere exceeds 2000 ℃ and the pressure is 3-5 times that of the earth, the methane in Neptune’s atmosphere will decompose, and the carbon crystals in the methane will be decomposed into smaller diamond particles. When the pressure inside the atmosphere rises to a certain level, the diamond will be melted and the diamond rain will come from it. If the density, pressure and temperature of the core area of the planet are still rising, a large number of diamond rain may accumulate into a diamond sea.

Just now, diamond is a very simple gem, but its formation conditions are very harsh. It needs high temperature and high pressure to form in a specific environment. Neptune’s carbon element exists in the environment of high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, scientists speculate that there is a diamond Ocean on Neptune.

Maybe many friends are very excited after watching it. Diamonds are so valuable. If you can pick up a few large diamonds on Neptune, you will get rich. Unfortunately, at present, our science and technology can’t be realized. If scientists want to determine whether Neptune really has a diamond ocean, they can only launch a probe to detect it. As for collecting diamonds from Neptune, it’s impossible. Moreover, it’s too far away from the earth. It may take you a lifetime for us to fly back and forth at the speed of our current spacecraft.

However, with the continuous development of human space science and technology, the speed of future aircraft will also be greatly improved. Maybe Neptune is an unattainable distance for us now, but in the future, maybe personal aircraft can also arrive, and it is not difficult to collect minerals from the planet. Maybe at that time, diamonds are not valuable, they are just ordinary minerals.

The resources in the universe are infinite, which is why human beings should recall the pace of space exploration. Only when we really go out of the earth and can make use of the resources in space, the development of human civilization will be faster, and the real rich in the future world must also be the birth of the space industry. When space travel or personal aircraft become popular in the future, it will be very easy for us to go to Neptune. We can even go out of the solar system and explore more incredible planets outside the solar system.

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