The volcano has been erupting for 100 years, but no one is afraid. Local residents still use it for volcano barbecue!

Before I introduce this picture, you will think, is this just a small fire? It’s everywhere. What’s rare? In fact, it is not an ordinary fire. Its geographical location is in Italy. Its name is pusca volcano. Its name is atmospheric, but it looks like Cute and cute, right? Although it is small and only 120cm tall, it has been erupting (burning) for hundreds of years. Its flame is so gentle and lovely. In the snowy winter, it will only shrink a little. Local people even like to sit next to it to eat barbecue, tourism people put the eggs next to it, will soon be roasted. When the weather is cold, people often come here to get warm. I’m afraid there’s no second volcano in the world with such a “friendly” gentle “volcano?

In fact, Busca is a very small natural gas vent. Natural gas overflows from the underground through this vent and meets with oxygen. Once it burns, the continuous emission of natural gas will make the flame last for a long time. It will never erupt on a large scale, and there will be no lava, volcanic ash and other substances. Therefore, strictly speaking, from a scientific point of view, although it is named volcano, in fact, it will not It’s really a “false volcano”. The most accurate definition of Busca is a gas seedling, which was accidentally ignited about a hundred years ago It’s burning up to now. It is said that Italy once planned to use this volcano as a natural gas project to develop it for gas supply, but it failed in the end. Is it because it is too small and cute? In fact, there are some controversies about the composition of the natural gas it emits. Some people once said that it emits hydrogen, but it was overturned by other scientists. The test results show that the main components of the natural gas burned by puska volcano are 38% nitrogen and 58% methane.

No matter what kind of natural gas it emits, its fire is still the most gentle and lovely. No matter whether buska is a real “Volcano”, this small fire has become a very famous natural landscape in the local area. Tourists from all over the world like to visit here. Especially at night, the glowing fire is very warm and dazzling in the dark. Friends who like to travel If you go to Italy, don’t miss it here!

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