The volume key of Huawei mobile phone can be used for all three functions, but you can only adjust the volume!

I don’t know if you have found that more and more people use Huawei mobile phones in recent years. Although the positioning of Huawei mobile phones is becoming more and more high-end and the price is becoming higher and higher, in fact, people who have used Huawei mobile phones can feel that some functions or use experience in mobile phones can bring us equivalent or even super value enjoyment.

Xiaobian, as a loyal pollen, has been using Huawei mobile phones for four years in a row. In the past four years, Xiaobian has discovered some little-known practical functions in Huawei mobile phones. For example, the volume button that we usually use to adjust the volume is not just used to adjust the volume. It’s just a volume button, except for adjusting the sound In addition to volume, there are three major functions. Today Xiaobian will share with you the three major functions of Huawei mobile phone volume button besides volume adjustment.

First of all, the first function is to turn off the screen for quick shot. This function is still very practical. I believe you will like to use your mobile phone to shoot some beautiful scenery, but some scenery is fleeting. If the camera is not turned on in time, you will miss it. In general, the process of turning on the camera is quite complicated. First, we need to light up the screen, unlock the mobile phone, turn on the camera, and then take photos. However, the volume button in Huawei mobile phone has a very practical function, that is, when the screen is locked, double clicking the volume button can quickly start the camera and take photos.

It’s relatively simple to turn on. We just need to click settings, and then find out how to turn on the screen snapshot function. There are two options: start the camera and take photos and only start the camera. If you want to take photos quickly, it’s recommended to choose the first one. If you want to adjust the angle before taking photos, it’s recommended to choose the second one.

The second function is to quickly wake up the voice assistant. Now the voice assistant is becoming more and more intelligent, which can help us to achieve most of the operations. For example, sliding the screen when our hands are wet is certainly not very sensitive. In this case, we can wake up the voice assistant, and let the voice assistant help us to complete some operations. There is a very fast way to wake up the voice assistant. Long press the power button to turn on the voice assistant. When the screen is off, we can press the power button for about two seconds to wake up the voice assistant quickly. The way to turn on the smart voice is also relatively simple. We just need to click on the settings and find the auxiliary functions, but there is a gesture control, which can select the turn-on method of smart voice and press the power button.

The third function is to turn on or off the flashlight. Generally speaking, the way we turn on the flashlight is quite complicated. We need to open the function bar of the mobile phone, find the flashlight button and click it. But now Huawei mobile phones have a very convenient function, that is, we can turn on or off the flashlight by continuously pressing the volume down key. That is to say, we can turn on or off the flashlight by pressing the volume down key When walking at night, if the light is dim, you don’t need to light up the screen to turn on the flashlight. What practical functions do you know about the physical buttons on the side of Huawei mobile phones?

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