The warp speed engine can make the spaceship fly faster than the speed of light and let the human beings explore the universe freely

In recent decades, human science and technology have developed rapidly, especially in space exploration. We know more and more about the universe. However, the universe is vast and the distance is in light years. At present, human beings can’t even go out of the solar system. We can only observe the celestial bodies or mysterious phenomena in the universe through astronomical telescopes.

However, no matter how advanced the astronomical telescope is, what it can see is only a vague observation. In order to truly explore the universe and observe those celestial bodies or phenomena in close range, the speed of the spacecraft must exceed the speed of light. However, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we know that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, and it is impossible to exceed the speed of light. Does that mean that a spaceship cannot fly faster than the speed of light?

Of course not. Although the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, there is a phenomenon of superluminal speed in the universe. Space can fly at superluminal speed. If we can develop an engine to fly through space, then superluminal speed will become possible. Through research, scientists have boldly conceived a kind of quantum warp speed engine. Once this engine is realized, the speed of the spacecraft may reach more than 10 times the speed of light.

The principle of warp engine is not complicated. It can shrink the space in front and expand the space in the rear. This kind of “deformation” of space can push the spacecraft forward. Since there is no limit to the speed of space expansion, the passengers of this kind of spaceship can sense that their speed exceeds the speed of light.

If the warp engine can be realized, the spacecraft will be carried forward by a “curvature bubble”. It does not have any acceleration in the local reference frame, so it will not be restricted by the speed of general relativity, and there will be no relativistic effect such as time slowing down. Its speed can reach more than 10 times the speed of light, and the warp engine is also called the superluminal engine.

The warp engine uses the compression and expansion of space to achieve superluminal flight. It distorts the space-time in the front and back of the spaceship. It is not difficult for space-time to achieve superluminal flight. The phenomena of superluminal flight in the universe also use the principle of space distortion. The principle is not complicated, but it is very difficult to study and manufacture them. At present, they are only in the stage of development Theoretical and experimental stage.

The warp speed engine breaks through the space blockade by twisting the space to achieve superluminal flight. Therefore, the energy required by the warp speed engine is very huge. If the calculation is based on the Einstein mass energy equation, it may need the energy of the whole mass of Jupiter. It’s a bit unrealistic to think about it. Therefore, in order to realize the warp speed engine, we must solve the problem of energy, and let the energy demand be greatly reduced.

Scientists have conceived a special kind of spaceship, which is a ring structure. The spaceship is in the center, surrounded by two huge circles at the front and back. These two rings are the key to realize the warp engine. The ring structure can save a lot of energy. The front circle rotates and compresses the space in front, and the rear circle rotates and expands the space in the rear, so that the space in front can be saved The space-time in front of the spaceship is distorted, so that space-time drives the spaceship to fly faster than light.

At present, scientists have begun to study this kind of warp speed engine in the laboratory, and believe that it will be realized in the future. When the warp speed engine is realized and applied, it also marks that human civilization is really strong, and many places in the universe can go. At that time, human civilization will also usher in great development. The most obvious thing is that immigration will speed up and warp speed will lead to the development of human civilization Qing, those earth like planets discovered by human beings will become possible, and the pace of human colonization of extraterrestrial planets will be greatly accelerated.

Of course, the warp engine is not the only way to make the spaceship fly faster than light. Another faster way is to go through the wormhole. Scientists speculate that there should be many natural wormholes in the universe. These wormholes can’t be observed directly and need special wormhole detectors. The superluminal speed achieved through wormholes is higher than that of the warp speed engine.

The warp speed engine can only make the speed of the spacecraft achieve 10 times the speed of light, while wormholes may have no upper limit. Wormholes of different sizes have different speeds. Some wormholes may reach 100 times or 1000 times the speed of light. The wormhole in the center of some galaxies may be the key to Galaxy crossing. For example, once the wormhole in the center of the galaxy passes through, it may reach 100000 light-years away in the universe.

Some people may say that if human spaceships can make wormholes, then human beings can travel all over the universe, or even to the edge of the universe. It’s totally possible, but it’s countless times more difficult to make wormholes manually than the warp speed engine. Maybe only the advanced civilization in the universe has the ability to make wormholes, and human beings should break through the warp speed engine first.

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