The water on the earth has been used for more than 4 billion years, why not reduce it? Scientists tell you the answer

The earth is a planet of life and water resources. Water is the source of life. It is precisely because the earth has a large amount of water resources that life was born 4 billion years ago, and the long evolution of life often leads to the birth of intelligent human life.

No matter other animals or human beings, 70% of the material in life is water, which shows the importance of water for life on earth. According to the research of scientists, a large number of water resources appeared soon after the birth of the earth, so how did the water come from?

For the origin of the earth’s early water, scientists have no definite answer, only two possibilities, one is from outside the earth, the other is from the earth itself. As we all know, water is a very simple substance, which is formed by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, and hydrogen is the main substance in the universe, accounting for a very large proportion.

When the earth was still in a molten state in the early stage, a large number of water molecules formed by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen had been integrated into the geology and formed hydrated minerals. Later, with the decrease of the earth’s temperature, these water molecules continued to appear, and began to rain for tens of millions of years, slowly forming a huge amount of water resources on the earth’s surface.

Another extraterrestrial theory holds that in the early days of the earth, the solar system was very chaotic. A large number of asteroids and comets entered the inner galaxy and hit the earth. These small bodies often carried a large number of ice crystals, especially comets, which were mainly composed of water ice. A large number of small bodies impact on the earth, which brings a lot of water resources to the earth.

No matter how the earth’s early water came, we are now able to enjoy the benefits of water. Someone once asked this question: the water on the earth has been used for more than 4 billion years, why not reduce it? Maybe many people will think that the material is used less, and water is no exception. Especially after the emergence of human beings, the use of water is increasing, but we found that the earth’s water has not decreased. What’s the matter?

If the earth’s water is from itself or the impact of extraterrestrial comets, then water should be a universal existence in the universe. If so, in the early days of Venus and Mars, there should have been a lot of water, but why is there no water now? In fact, it is true. According to scientists’ observations of Venus and Mars, it is believed that there may be a lot of water in the early Venus and Mars, but it disappeared later.

Why doesn’t the earth’s water decrease and disappear? All this is closely related to the thick atmosphere of the earth. The earth itself is a huge water storage ball. If the water in the water storage ball wants to be lost less, there is only one way for it, that is, to be carried into space by the solar wind. As long as water does not escape into space, the total amount of water on earth will not decrease.

The loss of water on the surface of Venus and Mars is caused by the solar wind. And the earth’s position from the sun is appropriate, coupled with the protection of the thick atmosphere, the surface of water resources is difficult to drain into space. Under the influence of the earth’s gravity, a large number of water molecules will be bound in the air about 3000 kilometers away from the surface.

Therefore, although we can’t see the water molecules in the atmosphere, we can feel the humidity of the air, which is brought by a large number of water molecules. What’s more, the earth has a perfect ecosystem. The most important part of this ecosystem is the water cycle. Although we consume a lot of water every day, the consumed water will be added to nature in another form.

For example, if the water we used up is spilled into the yard, the spilled water will disappear after a while, and some people may think that the water will never be found. But in fact, these evaporated water did not disappear. They were integrated into the atmosphere in the form of water molecules, and finally returned to the earth in the form of rainfall. This is the circulation of the atmosphere and surface water.

In addition to the circulation of the atmosphere and surface water, in fact, there may be more water stored in the earth’s interior than on the surface. In the past, many people believed that there would be no water in the mantle layer deep in the crust. However, according to the continuous research and exploration of scientists, it is found that water from the earth’s surface will flow into the earth’s interior in large quantities every year, and they will exist in rocks in the form of hydrated minerals when they enter the mantle.

Although the mantle is a high temperature environment, there is still a large amount of water in another form. As soon as the earth’s crust moves or volcanoes erupt, the water inside the earth will return to the surface again. With such a rich and perfect water circulation system, the surface water has not been reduced or disappeared for billions of years.

However, although the water resources on the earth’s surface are very rich and cannot be used up, there are very few fresh water resources that can be used for human direct drinking. Before human beings have really developed seawater desalination technology that can be applied on a large scale, we still need to protect freshwater resources. However, with the aggravation of industrial pollution to the environment, fresh water resources are becoming less and less.

Many parts of the world are in the state of lack of fresh water resources every year. People have no drinking water to drink. In some water deficient areas, the value of water is comparable to gold. It can be seen that although the earth is not short of water, it is an indisputable fact that human beings are short of drinking water. Especially in summer, the domestic water supply in many areas is limited.

Of course, the lack of human drinking water will not last. With the progress of science and technology, once the technology of seawater and fresh water is mature and a large amount of seawater desalination is carried out, human beings will never lack drinking water again.

Water is very important to human beings, but if there are too many water resources on the earth’s surface, it is not a good thing for human survival. Especially with the rising global temperature, the ice and snow in the north and south poles are melting rapidly. When the global glaciers are melting, the sea level will rise by about 60 meters. At that time, the earth will really become a world of water, and there will be less land.

Therefore, anything is best only if it is suitable. The earth has a little more water resources at present. If there is too much water, there will be less land, which is unfavorable to the survival and development of human beings. However, at present, there is no solution to this problem with human science and technology. Only when human beings really enter the space age and have great strength, we can transport the earth’s water to other planets, such as Mars.

If half of the earth’s water is transported to Mars, it will not only enable the earth to have more land, but also effectively transform the Martian environment, so that Mars can become the second earth for human survival as soon as possible.

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