The weather in Xinjiang has changed dramatically, with heavy snow in June. What’s wrong with the earth today?

The weather in Xinjiang has changed dramatically, with heavy snow in June. What’s wrong with the earth today?

Since the year 2020, all kinds of disasters have come one after another, which makes human beings unable to bear. Global warming, marine pollution and so on, the earth has long been full of holes, to solve these problems to the point of no delay. What’s more, it also triggered a series of chain reactions, which spread to the north and south poles. The melting of glaciers in the north and south poles directly led to the rise of sea level, flooded the surrounding areas, made many people homeless, even threatened their lives, and worried about the future development of mankind.

Disasters in 2020

Seeing these serious problems, should we also think about the reasons for all this? Obviously it didn’t happen for nothing. Since last year, mountain fires in Australia have attracted great attention of many people. After burning for six months, countless animals and plants have been homeless. It’s shocking to see pictures of koalas being burned to death. The ecological balance has long been out of control. The weather in Xinjiang has changed dramatically, with heavy snow in June. What’s wrong with the earth today?

In the face of changes in the environment, there is nothing we can do. According to relevant surveys, every year, human beings emit a large amount of polluted air into the air, which is absorbed into the body by organisms and shortens their life span. Scientists say that in the future, the earth will develop towards the last picture that human beings want to see, and hundreds of millions of people will be involved. These great changes are unexpected. The emergence of many natural disasters has sounded an alarm for mankind.

It snowed heavily in June in Xinjiang

In the past June, abnormal weather occurred in many areas. Originally, the sun was shining high in the first second, and then it turned into thunderstorm in the next second. Even in many areas, there was super large hail, which caused the collapse of houses and vehicles. All this was really terrible. It was supposed to be hot in June. In Ili, Xinjiang, heavy snow began to fall due to the appearance of cold air. In just two days, the temperature of the surrounding area has dropped by 10 degrees directly, and the snow thickness is 5-10 cm, which seriously affects the travel of local people. Seeing so many anomalies on the earth, it is time for human beings to look for the initiator behind it.

Scientists have indirectly shown that all this has something to do with human beings. Climate change is like a catalyst for disaster, causing countless disasters, which people can not afford. Global warming is a very serious problem at present. The earth may enter the little ice age in the future. Human beings are deeply worried about their own future. Scientists have been calling on human beings to pay attention to the protection of the environment, consider more about the feelings of the earth, and not only harm the earth for their own interests.

Now this kind of disaster is the earth’s punishment for human beings, and ultimately everything will revenge on human beings. The earth needs to be managed by all of us. It is the only home. If it really goes to destruction, where will human beings go? It’s scary to think about it. Behind these disasters is endless grief. For the sake of human beings, but also for the sake of the earth, everyone should contribute their own meager efforts to make the earth better and better. What do you think when you see so many visions on the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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