The white fog, discovered by accident, may be the key to time travel

Every post-80s and post-90s generation has a dream, that is to have a Doraemon time machine, which can shuttle through the time channel at any time point. At the same time, it makes people wonder whether time machine really exists in the world? However, this conjecture is also getting closer to reality, because the white fog that people accidentally discovered may be the key to time travel!

Time travel has always been an important topic in the field of human science. Superluminal speed, parallel space and time loopholes are all scientific hypotheses put forward by human beings in order to travel through time. People always hope to materialize the so-called time axis and find the door of time, but by chance, people’s conjecture may become a reality.

Einstein believed that gravity could slow down time. Scientists from Cornell University in the United States put forward a time stagnation scheme based on this, which bends the light to create a time loophole. There is a similar record in the Scientific Research Report: the time lens experiment is the first real time gap experiment, which also objectively unifies space and time. But these are subjective conjectures in the history of human science. Is there a real “time gate” in nature? The answer lies in the far away Antarctic glacier.

Scientists have found that there are some swirling gray white mysterious smog over the Antarctic ice. At first, meteorologists explained that the common sand storm phenomenon is over Antarctica. However, it is questionable that this so-called “sand storm” will not change its size and location with the passage of time. Therefore, the scientific research expert team will measure the wind speed, temperature, atmospheric humidity and time The weather balloon was launched into the “sandstorm”, and the balloon soon disappeared in the smoke. After a period of time, when the balloon returned, a scene of surprise happened! The timing showed that it was January 27th, 1965. In order to prevent the occurrence of accidental events, scientists also measured it many times. As a result, the results of measuring time all regressed to varying degrees. This mysterious smog has become the “time gate” of time travel.

The mysterious smoke discovered by chance has become the key to time travel. This has also triggered a series of academic debates, because some scientists believe that the time shuttle does not exist, if it really exists, the real individual meets the past individual, that is, the same material exists in different spaces at the same time, which is an unexplained scientific phenomenon, even less than the scientific paradox. However, most of the voices are still supportive: according to Einstein’s theory, turning the light to slow down and then accelerate the time, so that there will be a gap in the light beam, the light beam at that moment will not be generated, and the things that happened at that time point will disappear, and the generation of the time gap will make time travel a reality.

Imagine that the laser of the museum makes part of it accelerate and part of it decelerate. In this way, there will be a gap. At this time, you will experience two states at the same time: with laser curtain and without laser curtain. Then time travel is possible to enter people’s life! What do you think the world will be like if time travel technology is popularized? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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