The whole universe is in trouble. What causes it? Clues in three body

In the three body novel, the author describes many soul stirring scenes for us. She expresses many complex scientific theories in a wonderful way, but what shocked us most is the interstellar war he describes. In a quiet universe, there are countless cultural wars hidden. Every civilization is fighting for survival, and the whole universe is covered with scales by the interstellar war Finally, the whole universe starts again.

During the war, through the author’s writing, we can see the tragic scene on the edge of the battlefield. Human beings were engulfed by pond fish and unexpectedly broke into the battlefield of the dark forest. With a direct hit, human civilization was destroyed, and a light particle ended the triad that forced human beings for four centuries. This is just a marginal war.

In Guan Yifan’s description, the divine civilization on the main battlefield of the universe has mastered the basic laws of the universe. All the laws of the whole universe have become weapons. The time and space we understand, and even the universe itself, have become weapons. Space has been reduced to a processing field. It has fallen from 11 dimensions to three dimensions, and it will collapse into zero dimensions. In that cruel battlefield, human beings are just Is risking their lives, risking the flies of the night, mistakenly injured the bullets flying all over the sky, the whole universe is like a swollen body, is going to die.

Watching this suffocating Star Wars, our imagination has been challenged to the limit, and our beauty of the universe has been replaced by all kinds of fears. There is only one universe, and its total mass is constant. Those divine civilizations should not have known this. Why should they carry out such a crazy Star Wars and finally destroy all the people in the universe?

Just like the earth world, although there may be some conflicts among countries, we are all rational and will never use nuclear war to destroy the earth, because doing so will only end the whole human society. However, it is amazing that the universe war is an act of destroying the earth with nuclear bombs. The universe is destroyed by war, and the divine civilization is destroyed by war. They win the war, It’s just that the universe is dying. Are they all crazy? Or is there any other reason?

Some netizens have opened a brain hole according to the basic context of the book. As early as in the age of cosmic destiny, all civilizations have just been born. Although due to different environments, some civilizations have taken the lead in realizing the scientific and technological strength of interstellar navigation, leading others. The first dominant civilization does not want other civilizations to surpass him, so he takes the lead in implementing the dark forest law and making all his own achievements The present weak and small civilizations have been eliminated.

However, civilization is a great existence. Although the technological power of some civilizations is far less than that of the overlord civilization, they use the only technology to get rid of some people and make the big bang of technology reach the limit of the universe. Those exiled civilizations also begin to move towards unity and fight against the overlord civilization.

So star wars started like this. Other exiled civilizations, famous for their scientific and technological strength, also had considerable scientific and technological explosion ability. The two sides fought for a long time. In the process of fighting, they also realized the law of the dark forest. In order to avoid being threatened, they also began to destroy all invisible civilizations, so the vicious competition between civilizations was like this When the vicious circle goes on, the history of revenge of civilization is staged.

Therefore, when we look at the beginning of the three bodies, we will find that in fact, this interstellar war has been fought for hundreds of millions of years. Human beings have only survived for so long, and the universe has long been beaten to mud by them. Even the divine civilization can not solve it, and the universe can only be forced to return to zero and restart.

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