The winner is the king, the loser is the “buckle”

As we all know, the number of sperm ejaculated by men is about tens of thousands. When they are discharged from the body, they will directly attack the fortress. Although there are many brothers, only one won in the end. So where are the other sperm?

In fact, the process of fertilization is not simple, sperm and egg cells need capacitation, acrosome reaction, cortical reaction and other reactions to fertilize successfully. Sperm in the process of swimming forward is not smooth, but also through a lot of barriers in order to smoothly reach the egg, and combine with it. In the whole process, sperm can be said to go through many difficulties to reach the palace. Because of this, most of the sperm have been damaged on the way.

Sperm need to be capacitated in order to move forward, that is, sperm through the female reproductive tract or through


The exogenous proteins that envelop the sperm are removed,



The physicochemical and biological characteristics of the plant have changed

Sperm capacitation

But women’s vaginas are acidic, and most sperm die in acidic environment. Sperm can survive for up to 8 hours in vagina, and only a small number of sperm can enter the next war zone through vagina.

When the sperm rush up to the uterine cavity, its number is only 1 ~ 5% of ejaculation, why? Because the sperm left in semen during ejaculation can be protected by a large amount of fructose and sugar decomposing enzymes in semen. When the sperm enters the uterine cavity, it leaves the semen, and its living conditions are far worse than those in semen. Therefore, the life span is greatly shortened. The sperm with poor quality runs slowly and cannot reach the uterine cavity quickly, so it loses its vitality.

A small number of sperm enter the fallopian tube through the layers of pass. At this time, the fertilization ability of sperm begins to increase, and finally combines with 1-2 eggs. Other sperm that do not enter the eggs will die successively within 24-36 hours. Even if the sperm hidden in the cervical mucosal recess can live for 2-6 days, it will still lose the ability of fertilization.

Some of these eliminated sperm are absorbed, because sperm itself is a nutrient, so it is also an excellent tonic. The other part is chosen by the female body as a secretion.

Here’s another piece of popular science knowledge. Male sperm is not inexhaustible. Sperm is obtained from the continuous division of spermatogonial cells. All cells in the human body have a deadline. If you indulge too much, you will “have no sperm to shoot” and die.

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