The wisdom of the Mayan civilization is advanced, but it no longer exists overnight. Is it the mysterious power?

Some experts believe that human beings have been born on the earth for three million years. Although there are many controversies, no one can be sure of the real time of human birth. In this period of history, human civilization also has a certain development process, and many branches have emerged. Some have developed to the present, and some have disappeared in the long river of history.

What I want to introduce to you today is the most mysterious civilization in the development of human civilization. Everyone must have heard of it. It is the Maya civilization. It was born in 1500 BC. So far, there are still many architectural relics left by the Maya people on the earth, which are full of mysterious historical color.

Many people know that ancient Babylon, ancient Egypt, ancient India and China are the four ancient civilizations in the world. Others believe that the Maya civilization once appeared in the hot land of the earth, but later it mysteriously disappeared. There are many legends about the mystery of the mysterious disappearance of the Maya civilization. Today, let’s take a look.

Mayan civilization has a history of nearly 3500 years since its birth. It has always been a special existence in the history of human civilization. It is said that it is special because of their living environment, writing technology and so on. How advanced was the Maya civilization 3500 years ago? How did they build the pyramids? Is there a mysterious force behind them? All of these are totally against the civilization of the same period, especially some things left behind by the Maya civilization, and even science and technology can not be completely copied up to now.

For example, the Mayan pyramids are different from the Egyptian pyramids. The top of the Mayan pyramids is flat and similar to the temples. In fact, the pyramids are the main places for sacrifice. Experts found traces of lime residue on the surface of the pyramids. It is very likely that the Mayans at that time painted the lime surface almost red.

The mysterious disappearance of the Maya civilization and the wisdom civilization are ahead of human beings. It’s a bit incredible. It’s hard for modern science to explain! According to experts, in the 8th century, the Maya people were the most glorious era in the world and the leading civilization in the world at that time. Almost no nation could reach the height of Maya civilization at that time.

According to the Mayans, there are 18 months in a year, 20 days in a month, and five taboo days, which add up to 365 days. This is not much different from the accuracy of the scientific calculation of the year. From this point, we can see that the Mayan calendar is very accurate. The Mayans believe that 52 years is a cycle, so the Mayan architecture has a very significant feature Point, their Mayan pyramids are stacked one layer at a time interval of 52 years.

In this regard, the Mayan civilization has gone through nearly 2000 years, and they also left a perfect hierarchy and mode of labor. Why did such a brilliant civilization disappear from the earth overnight? What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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