The wonder in the history of the world, the sun once rose from the west, really incredible!

Will the sun rise in the west? It really happened in history. What’s the matter?

A few days ago, due to the events of some stars, a popular word is time management. For everyone, only by doing a good job in time management, doing a good job in fixed things at a fixed time and becoming more regular, can we make ourselves better. Not only everyone, on the earth, in the solar system, every planet’s movement is very regular. For us living on the earth, what we see is the sun, rising and setting in the East and west every day, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which are the results of planetary laws.

Ancient books record that the sun rises in the West

Every morning when we open the sun, we see the sun rising slowly from the East. The first ray of sunlight shines on our face, which makes the whole person feel very happy. However, in history, Chinese ancient books record the case of the sun rising from the West. In our life, we usually use the word “the sun rising from the west” to describe the world’s impossibility In our mind, this phenomenon is absolutely impossible. However, in ancient China, it was recorded that the sun rose twice a day and appeared from the West. What’s the matter? Is the earth turning backwards or is the sun mischievous again?

The book records a strange event that happened in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. The sun rises twice in a day. After the sun sets from the western horizon, it is unexpected that the sun rises again and ushers in another dawn. The first time the sun appeared normally, but the second time it appeared from the West. Is it because the earth is turning upside down, or is it possible that the sun really rises from the west? In our cognition, this is not in line with the normal operation of the stars.

In addition to ancient Chinese records, there are also records in the history of the world. The record of this time is more bizarre than the record of the sun appearing twice a day in ancient Chinese books, because this time the sun rose four times in the sky. In the eyes of ancient people, this abnormal phenomenon can not be explained, and they are regarded as a disaster. In fact, in modern science, there is no more reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.

Two suns in the sky

Some people speculate that the formation of the sun from the West may be caused by the time difference, or by the rotational speed. There are so many secrets about the body in the solar system that we have to solve. As like as two peas of the sun, two of the sun appeared on the earth. In the extremely cold weather, two people looked at the sun as if they were looking up. This strange sight has caused many people to watch and report. The experts later said that the reason why the sky is such a phenomenon is due to refraction of light. As a result, there is only one sun in the sky, and the other sun is just a virtual image.

Such strange scenes abound. Do you think it is possible for the sun to rise from the West recorded in ancient books?

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