The world recognized five talented scientists: hawking the fifth, Einstein the fourth, the first nobody knows

There are many geniuses in the history of world development. They have high IQ and have made remarkable achievements since childhood. Today, I’d like to meet the world’s recognized five talents with Xiaobian. How many do you know?

Fifth place: Stephen William Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, Professor of Applied Mathematics and theoretical physics, Cambridge University, UK, is the most important contemporary general relativity and cosmologist. He is one of the great men with international reputation. He is known as the greatest scientist in the world, and also known as the “king of the universe”.

In the 1970s, he and Penrose proved the famous singularity theorem together, for which they won the wolf physics prize in 1988. Therefore, he is known as the most famous scientific thinker and the most outstanding theoretical physicist in the world after Einstein.

He also proved the area theorem of black holes, that is, with the increase of time, the area of black holes does not decrease. It’s natural to associate the area of a black hole with the entropy of thermodynamics.

Despite Hawking’s high IQ, his body has become a defect. Hawking was diagnosed as “asymptomatic” at the age of 21. He soon paralyzed in bed, lost the ability to walk, which makes people feel very sorry for Hawking, but his research and exploration of the universe has made great contributions to people. It is recognized as a cosmic genius.

Fourth place: Albert Einstein

Einstein’s name is well known. Yes, he invented the electric light. Einstein is one of the world’s top ten outstanding physicists and the founder of modern physics.

As a Jewish theoretical physicist in the 20th century, Einstein founded the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of Modern Physics (the other is quantum mechanics), whose mass energy equation E = MC2 is famous in the world, and won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921 for his “contribution to theoretical physics, especially the discovery of photoelectric effect”.

Human nuclear weapons also appeared in Einstein’s research, but after World War II, Einstein firmly opposed the use of nuclear weapons and was respected by many pacifists.

Third place: Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata’s name has half the Japanese accent, because he also has half the Japanese genes in his body, and his IQ is very high.

He won the International Olympic physics prize at the age of 13 and became the youngest winner in the United States. He entered Caltech at the age of 14. At the age of 16, he went directly to NASA to study the feasibility of settling on Mars. At the age of 22, he became a doctor of physics, which is quite a high level. Xiaobian thinks that Christopher Hirata is the kind of person who can make smart people jealous.

Second place: Tao Zhexian

The main reason why you don’t know Tao Zhexian well is that he may not have developed in China. In fact, he is a Chinese born in Australia.

Tao zhexin won the gold medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad at the age of 13 and became a professor at the University of California at the age of 24. At the age of 31, he won the fields award, the ramanugin award and the MacArthur Genius Award, which is a high honor in the field of mathematics.

So Tao zhexin is a genius in mathematics. At such a young age, we have achieved so much, which is beyond our power.

First place: James chaldes

James chaldes was born in 1989. His intelligence test is 250-300. Now that number is far ahead.

James is an American, but he was proficient in several languages when he was very young. The most important thing is that he invented his own language. When he was 9 years old, he gave a speech at Harvard University. No one can achieve such a high level of achievement, but genius is enviable. James died at 46.

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