The world’s fifth largest waterfall abnormal, the earth has been overburdened, scientists worried!

The world’s fifth largest waterfall abnormal, the earth has been overburdened, scientists worried!

Iguazu waterfall is very famous in history. It is the widest waterfall among the five major waterfalls in the world. It is reported that the fall of Iguazu waterfall can reach 75 meters. Many people will come to visit it. The scene is very spectacular and attracts many tourists. This kind of magnificent scene is rare. Recently, Russia reported that Iguazu waterfall has nearly dried up. After hearing this news, many people were shocked.

According to the data of previous years, the flow of the waterfall can reach 1500 cubic meters per second, and now only 280 cubic meters are left. Such a large drop makes people uneasy, and many scientists are worried. The sudden drying up of the fifth largest waterfall in the world makes people realize the seriousness of the problem. So what is the cause of this waterfall drying up? The world’s fifth largest waterfall abnormal, the earth has been overburdened, scientists worried!

Its dryness has also sounded an alarm for mankind. Now the face of the earth has changed beyond recognition, and it has entered the disaster mode. The reason why it has dried up is because of the great climate change. Today, the climate is not only dry, but also the rainfall is significantly reduced. Due to human reasons, global temperature is warming, and many places are affected. Iguazu Falls has been seriously short of water. Although Argentina and Brazil have reached an agreement to build a dam for power generation and agricultural irrigation, this year’s abnormal weather has failed all these plans. The water shortage in the lower reaches of the river is particularly serious. This situation may continue, and experts feel anxious.

Since the year 2020, the earth has been suffering from many disasters. No matter the epidemic situation or the drying up of Iguazu waterfall, it is a warning to mankind. Many unusual scenes have appeared on the earth. The fire spread in Australia for half a year before it was completely controlled, resulting in many creatures homeless, or even lost their lives. The smog produced by these fog fires almost covers the whole southern hemisphere, causing serious environmental pollution.

Not only that, but also the bad news of locust plague came from Africa. Where billions of locusts went, they all became desolate, which made people unbearable. Nowadays, all countries are still experiencing the test of epidemic situation. These are very serious problems. This year can be described as a disaster year. Although these seem to be natural disasters and are closely related to human activities, I didn’t expect that human activities have caused so much damage to the earth’s environment.

Today’s earth has been overburdened, if we do not restrain activities, then the consequences of all this are unbearable for human beings, so everyone should change their behavior, develop good habits, dedicate their meager efforts, reduce the damage to the earth, the earth is the home of human beings, not only to protect the earth, but also to protect human beings, only the earth changes You have to be full of vitality for human beings to survive here all the time. What do you feel when you see these scenes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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