The world’s fifth largest waterfall suddenly dried up, scientists find out the reason, maybe it’s time for mankind to wake up!

The earth has issued a first-class alarm. The fifth largest waterfall in the world is nearly dry. Don’t humans wake up?

The earth is so important to human beings, it gives human life, provides suitable temperature, environment, water, sunlight and so on, its status is unshakable. With the improvement of science and technology, human beings feel more and more that they have done it. They begin to ask for the earth endlessly and destroy the ecological environment. Nowadays, there are more serious problems everywhere, such as the rise of sea level caused by global warming, deforestation, all kinds of pollution, etc. The earth is suffering from subtle damage. If we continue to do so, the face of the earth in the future will be unimaginable .

Recently, Russian media reported that Iguazu waterfall has dried up, which is very shocking. According to the data of previous years, the flow of Iguazu waterfall can reach 1500 cubic meters, and now only 280 cubic meters are left, which is the first time in history. Experts say that the main reason why Iguazu waterfall dried up is human beings. It’s time for us to wake up. This is a warning from the earth. The earth has issued a first-class alarm. The fifth largest waterfall in the world is nearly dry. Don’t humans wake up?

As we all know, Iguazu waterfall is the widest of the five major waterfalls in the world. According to the test, its fall can reach 75 meters. Many tourists will be shocked by its magnificent landscape. Nowadays, many experts are worried about its sudden drying up, which means that the earth has once again entered a disaster mode, ringing an alarm for the whole world. The reason for this situation is closely related to today’s climate.

At present, the climate is not only dry, but also the rainfall is significantly reduced. To bring Iguazu falls back to its former state, Argentina and Brazil have agreed to build dams to generate electricity and irrigate agriculture. What I didn’t expect is that the weather is extremely severe and water shortage is serious. Even Brazil is also very dry. In order to store water, they intercept a lot of water, resulting in a very serious water shortage in the lower reaches of the river.

Since 2020, the earth has completely entered the disaster mode. In addition to the drying up of Iguazu waterfall, there are also mountain fires in Australia, in which countless animals have been killed. The damage to the environment is much more than expected, which has caused extremely serious consequences. In addition, there are locust plagues. As long as the places where locusts pass become desolate, I didn’t expect that our earth has become like this. Both China and other countries are suffering. This year, there are frequent disasters. Maybe human activities have damaged the earth’s environment. This is the earth’s warning to mankind.

Today’s earth has been overburdened. If human activities are not stopped, the consequences will be unimaginable. We have to change our behavior and call on everyone to take good care of the earth and reduce the damage to the earth. Maybe there is a chance to save the earth. To protect the earth is to protect ourselves and our homeland. What do you think of the occurrence of these phenomena? You can leave a message for interaction.

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