The world’s first euthanasia roller coaster, only three minutes, back will lose consciousness!

The world’s first euthanasia roller coaster, only three minutes, back will lose consciousness!

Death is a very heavy topic. Death means the end of life. Everyone has uncontrollable fear when facing death. Anyone is afraid of death. Even if he lives in pain, he is better than dead. No matter who is attached to life, birth, aging, illness and death is an eternal law in nature, which everyone has to experience.

We often hear reports of many people’s sudden suicide or accidents. It’s very painful that a fresh life has been lost. There are also many people who want to leave the world as soon as possible because they are suffering from a certain disease and can not bear the suffering of the disease. Everyone wants to die respectably, so there is a way to let people die peacefully in the medical field, that is euthanasia. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the law of euthanasia has aroused worldwide controversy. If a person is suffering from illness, unable to perceive the meaning of the existence around him, and wants to get rid of the pain completely, euthanasia is the best way. The world’s first euthanasia roller coaster, only three minutes, back will lose consciousness!

Many people don’t think so. Euthanasia is an extreme disrespect for life. Everyone’s life is controlled by himself. If euthanasia is passed, it will cause more disasters in the future. Under the controversy, a young man put forward another idea. He is Julius. Although he does not support the euthanasia law, he created the first euthanasia roller coaster in the world. Many people feel very strange. How does the euthanasia roller coaster feel?

It is understood that just sit up for three minutes, back is a cold body. Many people have been on roller coaster, roller coaster gives people a very exciting feeling, can forget all the troubles, so roller coaster gives Juliana new inspiration. He hoped that many people in the last moment of life, can happily into heaven, leaving no regrets. This kind of roller coaster euthanasia process is also very simple, mainly through the centrifugal force of the roller coaster, when the rotation is strong enough, people’s blood can not be transported to the head, the thin line will become more blurred, and finally the eyes will be black, vision and hearing will completely disappear.

Along with this sense of loss, people will lose consciousness. After about six cycles, people almost lose consciousness, but they can’t guarantee to die directly. So he added several more designs at the back. I have to say that his idea is very strange, and he can also browse the surrounding scenery on the roller coaster. To prevent people from going back on their deeds, he added a red button. If you don’t want to die, you can press this button, and the roller coaster will slide down at a normal speed.

After his idea was put forward at that time, it was opposed by many scientists. Many people thought that at the last moment, people didn’t have any mind to see the scenery on the roller coaster. Because of the high risk factor of this experiment, it has never been implemented, but his idea is bold and novel. What do you think of the euthanasia roller coaster? You can leave a message for interaction.

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