The world’s first frozen man has been frozen for 52 years. Is there any hope of resurrection?

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After the big bang, countless kinds of celestial bodies and other things were born, among which the most magical and mysterious is the birth of life. At the moment of the birth of life, the universe has added a law of life and death to it. No life can live forever, only in a limited time.

The earth is a planet of life, and human beings are the only intelligent life on this planet. After the birth of mankind, some people began to challenge the law of life and death, trying to break through the shackles of life and achieve longevity. For example, the first emperor of ancient China, after unifying the whole country, began to dream of elixir, so he sent a large number of personnel to find elixir for him. In his later years in Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin also found Taoists to refine elixir of immortality for him, trying to achieve immortality.

In ancient times, these attempts of emperors ended in failure. People realized that immortality seemed to be only a beautiful dream forever, so is immortality really unrealistic? With the development of human civilization, hundreds of years ago entered the road of scientific and technological development, the power of science and technology beyond our imagination, with the help of science and technology, human civilization also ushered in a period of rapid development.

At this time, scientists began to explore life, began to study the possibility of immortality. Although scientists have found some factors that affect human life expectancy, there is still a great uncertainty whether it can achieve immortality in the future. Compared with gene technology to achieve immortality, scientists have found another way of immortality, that is, human freezing technology.

Maybe some people have heard of such things. Some lives can be revived after being frozen for tens of thousands of years. Yes, such life does exist. For example, there are many ancient bacteria and viruses in the permafrost that has been frozen for tens of thousands of years. Scientists bring them back to the laboratory, and through certain technical means, some of them are successfully revived.

Thus, when life is frozen under certain conditions, it will not die, but will fall into dormancy and can live for a long time. But in this state, this person is unconscious, just like falling asleep. As early as the last century, scientists began to study the human body freezing technology, and the world’s first frozen human has been 52 years ago.

The first person who was naturally frozen was a psychology professor named Bedford from the University of California. He was diagnosed with cancer, which was incurable under the medical conditions at that time. So Bedford finally chose to freeze himself, hoping to wake himself up again after the future development of human medical technology to be able to treat cancer and mature human thawing technology.

So how does human body freezing technology work? Will the tissue and structure inside the human body not be destroyed in low temperature environment? I believe many friends are very curious about this. Scientists explain that human body freezing technology is realized by liquid nitrogen. As we all know, the temperature has a lower limit of absolute zero, that is minus 273.12 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature of liquid nitrogen can be infinitely close to absolute zero.

If you want to freeze a person up and still be able to maintain vitality, the temperature requirement is very high, you must drop to a certain degree of low temperature. At that time, the technicians used liquid nitrogen at minus 196 ℃ to ice Bedford, which immediately put the cells in the body into a dormant state rather than a dead state.

Before putting the remains into the ultra-low temperature environment, we need to take blood for treatment. The purpose is to take out all the blood in Bedford’s body, because there is a lot of water in the blood, which will freeze and expand in the low temperature environment, resulting in tissue and organ damage. After a series of proper treatment, Bedford’s body has been stored, waiting for the day when human beings can completely cure cancer.

Maybe some friends have such questions at this time? Bedford has been frozen for 52 years. Is there any hope of his resurrection in the future? Scientists believe that in the era when Bedford accepted the freezing, medical technology was not developed, and the dimethyl sulfoxide injected by technicians could not guarantee the integrity of the internal structure of the human body. Even if the structures in Bedford’s body are well preserved, his brain is likely to suffer irreversible trauma. Even if the future medical scientists master the mature human body thawing technology, the hope of his resurrection is slim.

Although the hope of Bedford’s resurrection in the future is very slim, the technology of human body freezing is very important for the future of mankind. In recent decades, scientists have been actively studying and exploring better freezing technology. What is the significance of this technology to human beings?

First of all, we give hope to some patients with incurable diseases. We all know that although the medical technology has made great progress, many diseases are still incurable, especially many cancers are basically incurable. It doesn’t mean the future can’t be cured by the current medical technology. We should know that the development speed of human science and technology is amazing. Maybe decades, hundreds of years later, many diseases can be cured.

But although the future can cure the present incurable diseases, human life is limited, and we can’t wait until then. And once we get cancer, we may only have a few years to live. At this time, the human body freezing technology will come into use. We can freeze the patient until the day when the disease can be cured.

Secondly, it provides opportunities for people who want to see the future to realize their dreams. Due to the limited life span of human beings, we can’t see what the world will look like in hundreds or thousands of years under normal circumstances. However, the emergence of freezing technology makes it possible for once impossible dreams to come true. If you want to see the future after thousands of years, you can ice yourself up through human freezing technology, and then unfreeze it after thousands of years, and you will successfully cross into the future.

And for you, you don’t feel the passage of time, because once you’re frozen up, it’s like falling asleep, there’s no obvious consciousness. After thousands of years, you will only feel like you have a dream, and thousands of years have passed. I believe that there are still many people who have this dream, and the freezing technology is much more advanced than in the past. Some people also apply to freeze themselves, hoping to see the distant future world.

Finally, the application of space exploration. In fact, scientists’ research on human freezing technology is more for the future of human interstellar exploration. As we all know, the universe is vast and the basic distance unit is light years. Every interstellar exploration may be more than hundreds of years, such a long interstellar exploration. Without a long life span, it is impossible to achieve, and even if the human life span can continue to grow in the future, it is limited.

If we are going to explore a new earth that may be suitable for human beings, it will take thousands of years to reach the interstellar voyage time, what should we do? At this time, freezing technology will be of great use. Astronauts can freeze themselves, wait until the goal is reached, and then automatically unseal. This kind of space navigation freezing technology is often seen in some science fiction and movies.

It is not a very distant dream for human beings. Modern scientists have made relatively successful achievements in this field. They have carried out relevant experiments on mice, pigs and other animals, and finally successfully revived them. But to apply this technology to the human body, we need to study many problems. After all, the complexity of the human body is no less than any species in nature.

In any case, human body freezing technology will become a very mature technology in the near future. It will be applied to all aspects of human beings, especially in space exploration. At that time, we no longer have to worry about the universe is too big, afraid has not arrived, life has come to an end.

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