The world’s first new species “shooting beetle” has been discovered in Shanghai, which can fire high temperature jet gun

At the beginning of this year, experts found a special beetle in Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park when sorting out the specimens of the “biological limited time search” activity held in Shanghai in 2016. They did not find its “attribution” by looking through all the data and literature. After careful comparison with other beetles by dissection, they found that this beetle is a new species of the “two spotted crabby beetle” family The ball is the first case, belonging to the 26th member of the Bighorn beetle family.

At present, there is no official name for this new species. It can be published in international authoritative journals in the form of academic papers after being named. If it is listed in zoology list, it will become a globally recognized new insect species.

You probably don’t know much about the “two spotted crabby horned beetle” family. Members of the family are famous for “shooting beetles”. When they are in danger, they can instantly release substances with a high temperature of nearly 60 ℃ for self-defense. If people who don’t know how to catch them rashly, they are easy to be “bombarded” and burn their skin.

At present, there are five candidate names for the new species: 1. Carapace beetle with two spots in Shanghai 2. Carapace beetle with two spots in huangxie (a native of Chu in the Warring States period, Huang Xie had made outstanding contributions in the history of Shanghai) 3. Carapace beetle with two spots in steineri 4. Carapace beetle with two spots in Binjiang 5. Carapace beetle with two spots in Sinian (Sinian is the name of ancient India for China).

Which of the five names do you prefer? Welcome to leave a message. It’s related to the naming of new species.

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