The world’s “frozen first man”, he has been sleeping for 53 years, what’s the matter now?

Death has always been the topic of human fear. Since ancient times, no one has been able to escape the fate of death and achieve immortality. Nowadays, the level of science and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and scientists have been studying the course of life. Many people try their best to achieve immortality. Even scientists have been experimenting with human freezing. If human freezing can be realized, it is easy to control time and interstellar travel.

Ancient worms resurrected

In 2018, scientists revived a worm that is 42000 years old. It has been frozen since scientists discovered it in the permafrost of Siberia. After scientists resurrect them, these worms have begun to eat normally. Therefore, some people think that if humans enter the frozen state after death, does it mean that humans can resurrect when technology matures. This is what we call the human body freezing technology. Up to now, hundreds of people have chosen this experiment. It is worth mentioning that the first frozen person in the world was the millionaire Bedford in 1967. According to the original plan, he should have woken up three years ago. What’s the matter now?

Freezing the first person

Bedford, suffering from cancer and spreading all over the body, knew that there was no cure for the disease, so he chose the human body freezing technology. After his death on January 12, 1967, his family began to contact doctors to prepare for the freezing test.

Human body freezing technology

Scientists first cooled Bedford’s body with ice water, continued to supply oxygen to prevent blood clotting, then implanted cryoprotectants into his body to replace blood, and then wrapped Bedford in a special blanket and placed him in an ice bucket filled with liquid nitrogen. This is 53 years. In this long period of time, he did not show any signs of awakening. After seeing this phenomenon, his family members were very disappointed. At that time, the doctor who performed the operation was sued by his family many times. Therefore, the human body freezing technology is still controversial.



What’s going on?

Some people think that Bedford won’t wake up again, because he was dead when he entered the ice bucket. However, the worms that scientists resurrected did not lose their life characteristics completely, and they could resurrect after thawing by scientists.

In addition, some people think that doctors replace Bedford’s blood with cryoprotectant, and this substance is dimethyl sulfoxide, which is harmful to human body. How can you wake up again when you lose your blood and your whole body is full of harmful substances? So if human beings want to revive, there is only one possibility, that is, living freezing. But at present, this technology is still full of threats. No scientist dares to do such experiments. What do you think?

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