The world’s “frozen first man” was supposed to wake up three years ago. What happened in the end?

Human beings live in the world all their lives, and they can’t escape the fate of death. Since ancient times, many people have been pursuing the way of immortality. I don’t know if you have heard of human body freezing technology, which is also a manifestation of human’s desire for immortality. When the human body dies, the remains are stored in a low temperature environment. Although the metabolism has stopped, they can still wake up after a few years, so as to achieve the goal of crossing time and space.

Generally speaking, people using human body freezing technology are terminally ill or dying, so that they can wake up again in their sleep, so as to achieve immortality. In our opinion, this experimental technology is very crazy. Birth, aging and death are the laws of nature. Can humans really break the iron laws of nature and become immortal civilization? Scientists believe that there is a certain scientific truth in the human body freezing technology, just like the food in the refrigerator. The lower the temperature is, the longer the food will be preserved and the fresher it will be. This principle is adopted in the human body freezing technology.

Human body freezing technology

In nature, many animals can’t bear the cold weather in winter, so they keep their metabolism to the minimum and start hibernation. Although I don’t eat or drink, I will still wake up in spring and continue to live freely. Although the human body freezing technology is a very dangerous experiment, but in the 1960s, since the human body freezing technology was proposed, it has been pursued by many people. There is a psychologist named Bedford, who suffered from cancer when he was alive. Because he was unable to treat it, he spread all over the body. In order to achieve rebirth, Bedford became the first person to participate in human body freezing technology.

At that time, there was no advanced technology support for human body freezing technology, and there was not much assurance. No one knew how the technology would affect human body, and no one knew whether human would wake up again. But Bedford still accepted the experiment. At that time, after he died of cancer, scientists immediately injected antifreeze into his body. Of course, scientists have no way to ensure that these antifreezes are completely into all the cells in the body. If some cells still contain water, the cells will be damaged during the freezing process, and even will never wake up. When scientists replaced Bedford’s whole blood, they put his body in dry ice, and then put the device into minus 196 degrees of liquid nitrogen.

Is Bedford awake?

Many people will be curious about Bedford’s future. Did he wake up after accepting the human body freezing technology? In 1991, scientists routinely examined Bedford’s body and found that his upper body had turned red, which seemed to be inflamed by infection, and his chest skin had split and his nose had been flattened. If Bedford does wake up, it’s like a monster.

So it’s almost impossible for Bedford to wake up. Abandoning these injuries and Bedford’s internal injuries are also the reasons why she can’t wake up. After all, he was kept in a cold environment after death. No matter what kind of advanced technology, there is no way to bring people back to life. As mentioned before, the antifreeze injected by scientists can’t reach every cell in the body, so some cells will be damaged and unable to regenerate during freezing. At that time, the antifreeze he injected had already been eliminated, in fact, because the antifreeze contained harmful ingredients to human body.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult for human beings to fight against the iron law in nature. Although some people have been pursuing the method of immortality for so many years, it is almost impossible for human beings to break through the shackles of nature. Although technology carries the good wishes of human beings, in a sense, it is just another way of funeral ice burial. I don’t know what you think of this kind of freezing technology?

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