The world’s largest crater is 6 times larger than Huangshi volcano, less than 1000 kilometers away from China!

If we regard the earth as a living body, then the earthquake is its pulse, the ocean is its blood, and the volcano is its throat. The earth, which keeps rotating day and night, has strong vitality. Why is volcano the throat of the earth? Because volcanoes can shape many resources, such as mineral resources, land resources and so on. Although volcanoes look terrible, they are full of treasures.

The formation of the crater became a scenic spot

When it comes to volcanoes, we have to talk about the crater first. As the name suggests, the crater is actually the outlet when a volcano erupts, and its position is at the top of the whole volcano. Most of the craters are a special round depression, the whole shape is like a small bowl, of course, some people describe it as a funnel, because it has a long channel, connecting with the underground magma, once the volcano erupts, all the magma will come out from this outlet. So how did the crater form? Craters are high and bottomed, and they are often uplifted. They are formed by the accumulation of volcanic lava, which leads to the elevation of the terrain. When the lava stops erupting, a huge crater will appear. The most common crater is Tianchi, located in the northeast of China. Tianchi in Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano, also known as “dead volcano” by folk sayings. It is located at the top of the main peak of Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province. It is a crater. Now, after years of baptism, it has become a unique landscape and evolved into a volcanic lake. Changbai Mountain volcano topography complex, mainly composed of three geomorphic units, it is like a beautiful fairy, the scenery is extremely beautiful. The steep peaks of Changbai Mountain surround the Tianchi Lake, and the volcanic landform presents a majestic and spectacular landscape. Some netizens can’t help asking: “how did the crater of Changbai Mountain become the Tianchi Lake?”

In fact, it has something to do with the climate. Every summer when the rainfall increases, it will continue to go deep into the crater. With the accumulation of time, the crater of Changbai Mountain gradually becomes the Tianchi Lake. The water inside is sky blue. In the cold winter, it will form thick ice and become bright white. The water in the Tianchi Lake will overflow between Tianhuo peak and guanri peak, and then flow into Changbai waterfall.

The picture shows the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain

Yellowstone volcano is no longer the largest volcano in the world

1. Huangshi crater area, hot spring water temperature is very high

If the Tianchi crater in Changbai Mountain is a unique scenic line in China, the crater in Yellowstone National Park, located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, was once the “largest” crater in the world. It covers an area of more than 9000 square kilometers. In the whole park underground, is a super huge active volcano. In the 1980s, U.S. Geological researchers made a detailed exploration of the crater. The length of the crater in Yellowstone National Park reached nearly 90 kilometers, and the width of the crater was about 45 kilometers. In other words, Yellowstone National Park is located on the crater. It used to be the largest crater among the known volcanoes in the world, and this crater is active. It can be said that this is one of the most beautiful and magnificent areas in the world.

Some experts predict that once such a large crater erupts, it will submerge half of the United States. Today, the material from the crater covers almost all the Yellowstone National Park area. Some people say that this is the most beautiful place in the world, while others say that this is a hell on earth. Scientists once thought that if the volcano erupts once every 600000 years, then Yellowstone volcano will erupt again soon. What’s the temperature of hot spring water in Huangshi National Park? The highest temperature is 238 ° C. Not only that, it is also a highly acidic water body. If a person accidentally falls into it, there will be no bones left in an instant.

The picture shows the crater of Yellowstone volcano in the United States

2. The newly discovered crater in the Philippine Sea is six times larger than the Yellowstone crater, making it the largest volcano in the world

Last year, marine geophysicists published a paper pointing out that a super huge crater was found on the Philippine sea floor. It is located in the sea area east of Luzon Island in the Philippines, about 750 kilometers southeast of Pingtung County in Taiwan, China. The diameter of the crater is more than 150 kilometers. The newly discovered crater in the Philippine Sea is larger than that in the United States The diameter of Yellowstone crater in Russia is two times larger, and the overall crater area is six times larger than “Yellowstone crater”, which is named Apollo.

Where is apolaki

If a lot of magma erupts in a very short time, what will be the problem? With the increasing amount of magma eruption, the crater will collapse more and more, forming a huge depression in the undersea mountain. This is like throwing a stone into a river. When the stone sinks into the bottom of the river, it will form a huge depression circle on it. The larger the stone volume is, the larger the depression surface will be.

How did volcanoes form in the ocean floor? A large number of volcanoes are distributed near the plate boundary, whether growing near the plate boundary or growing at the extinction boundary. Most of the growth zone is located at the bottom of the ocean, and it is very easy for tension cracks to occur between plates. After the underground magma upwelling, it will form submarine volcanoes. Submarine volcanoes often explode when the water is shallow and the pressure is not high. The scene is very spectacular. In addition, when the submarine volcano explodes, a large amount of gas will be produced. Some trivial materials and hot lava will condense into volcanic ash and other materials in the air.

Some netizens can’t help asking: “water and fire are incompatible. How do submarine volcanoes burn after they erupt?” We should know that the “fire” produced by volcanoes is different from the fire used in our daily life. The “fire” of volcanoes mainly comes from the magma in the sea floor. The magma eruption is caused by high pressure, and the sea water can not stop the submarine volcano eruption. However, after the volcanic eruption, the sea water can continuously cool the magma, and the volcano can remain active mainly because the magma is cooled by the sea water In the margin, volcanic rocks are formed, while in the center, a crust is formed, and the magma below is still boiling. The Philippines is just located in the distribution zone of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean. Due to the collision and compression between the Pacific plate and the Eurasian plate, several volcanoes finally formed. Now the submarine crater discovered by scientists will replace the “Yellowstone crater” and become the world’s largest crater.

This is the apolaki geological map

The newly discovered crater in the Philippine Sea is less than 1000 km away from China, which may be affected

What is the concept of the newly discovered Philippine undersea volcano, which enjoys the world’s largest reputation, close to China, about 700 kilometers away from Pingtung County, Taiwan, and about 1000 meters southeast of Hong Kong? In other words, the newly discovered world’s largest crater is not a good thing for China. It will become the biggest super volcano threatening China. If the eruption of Huangshi volcano is huge, it does not pose a threat to China at all, because China is very far away from Huangshi volcano. Even if the United States or other cities in North America are only affected by the eruption, it does not pose any harm to China. Now, once the largest volcano in the Philippines erupts, not only China will suffer, but also the global climate will be greatly affected. If the largest crater erupts, which areas will be affected first in China?

The picture shows the eruption of submarine volcano

1. The total annihilation of Hong Kong and Taiwan made the ecological environment extremely bad

Let’s make a hypothesis that if the largest crater on the bottom of the Philippines erupts, the volcanic ash or other trivial materials and hot lava will completely cover Hong Kong or Taiwan, and the two cities will be completely destroyed. During the volcanic eruption, indirect disasters such as debris flow and landslides will be caused. Darkness, so that many species in this harsh environment will be extinct. Urban underground sewage is serious, with the increase of casualties, infectious diseases in the city also began to flow, a large number of volcanic ash blocked the sun, people can no longer breathe fresh air.

In addition, bridges in the city will be interrupted, and buildings will collapse one after another. If you want to fly away from the city, volcanic ash will affect the safety of the aircraft, and even cause aircraft failure in serious cases. All means of transportation will be hindered. A large number of toxic gases from volcanoes will cause animals to suffocate and die. At the same time, this harmful gas will destroy the ozone layer and cause skin cancer and other diseases.

The picture shows a volcanic eruption in Mexico

2. There’s a huge wealth of volcanic eruptions, and there’s another positive side

When things happen, we tend to ignore the objective law of the existence of everything, that is, no matter what, it has two sides. If the eruption of the largest volcanic crater in the Philippines has brought great harm to China, it will also bring endless wealth. For example, volcanic eruptions will provide new “homeland land” for human beings, especially the eruption of submarine volcanoes, which form a large number of magmatic sea-level islands. For example, the well-known Hawaiian Islands, Iceland and Penghu Islands are all formed by the accumulation of magma after volcanic eruptions. If the largest volcanic crater on the bottom of the Philippines erupts, it will not only pose a threat to China, but also bring a lot of wealth. In Taiwan or Hong Kong, there will be new islands of magma accumulation, opening up new land for the Chinese people.

The picture shows the Hawaiian Islands

In addition, a large number of volcanic ash is also rich in phosphorus, potassium and other elements, these elements are the best natural plant fertilizer, can promote crop growth, is a great good thing for farmers, at the same time, the level of agricultural production will be improved.

At present, what can be confirmed is that the volcanic crater under the Philippine sea floor discovered by scientists has completely replaced “Yellowstone crater” to become the world’s largest crater. However, when it will erupt remains to be further studied. However, once such a huge volcano erupts, it will affect not only China, but all countries in the world, because of the volcanic explosion The global climate change brought about by climate change will be a great disaster!

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