The world’s most expensive wheelchair is worth 800 million yuan. There is only one wheelchair in the world, and only one person can ride it

Speaking of wheelchairs, we are not unfamiliar with the invention of wheelchairs for people to provide great convenience. But we certainly don’t know that there is a wheelchair in the world, its value is as high as 800 million, and there is only one wheelchair in the world! More netizens said that except for him, no one dares to sit in this wheelchair! And this man is the great physicist – Stephen William Hawking!

When it comes to Hawking, it’s almost a household name. In 1963, Hawking, who was only 21 years old, suffered from the disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

It’s also called frostbite. As a result, Hawking was unable to speak, paralyzed and had only three fingers to move. At the beginning, with the help of crutches, you can still walk normally, but with the deterioration of the disease, muscle atrophy is more serious, you can only sit in a wheelchair, even the three fingers that can move before can not move. Later, many companies, led by Microsoft and apple, worked together to make a sky high price wheelchair for Hawking, and designed a software that only needs facial muscles to type. In addition, there are many black technologies, including eye tracking and brain wave technology, which are specially made for Hawking.

This wheelchair, the only one in the world, cost at least 120 million US dollars, equivalent to 800 million yuan in RMB! A large number of advanced scientific and technological equipment and functions can not be popularized now. The wheelchair is connected to all the electrical appliances in the home. It only needs one thought to start or turn off the equipment in the home. You don’t have to do what you want to do. It’s all in one thought. In addition, the wheelchair has an automatic driving function, which can detect driving safety, automatically identify surrounding vehicles and obstacles, and drive to the destination after searching the location. The function of this wheelchair is not only for convenience, but also for health and safety protection. It can detect Hawking’s physical condition and changes at any time, give prompt and send report in time.

On March 14, 2018, the great physicist Hawking passed away. After his death, this expensive wheelchair was also vied for by many giant companies. Apple and Microsoft are the two companies that most care about, probably because they put in the most human and material resources. Of course, in other words, this wheelchair can also be regarded as the “continuation” of Hawking’s life. It may not be obtained by any company or individual, because the meaning of this wheelchair to human beings is greater than the value of money. The final destination may become a collection and be collected in the British Museum. It should be remembered by all future generations that this wheelchair has a great influence on human beings A great scientific man of great significance.

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