The world’s most pitiful prehistoric creatures, from discovery to elimination, only 26 years!

The world’s most pitiful prehistoric creatures, from discovery to elimination, only 26 years!

Generally speaking, the organisms that have lived on the earth for hundreds of millions of years are called living fossils. They have tenacious vitality, but not every organism can survive. Many of them are extinct because they can’t adapt to the environment and disappear completely in this nature.

However, many creatures are not the result of natural selection, but are killed by human beings. For example, sharks, crocodiles and other creatures have very fierce habits. Most people dare not get close to them. They will attack anytime and anywhere. In fact, this way is to better protect themselves. A long time ago, there was a kind of creature, because of its poor sense of self-protection, which eventually went extinct because of its delicious meat. It was Stella manatee. Perhaps many people have forgotten its existence, and its shape is highly similar to today’s manatee. The world’s most pitiful prehistoric creatures, from discovery to elimination, only 26 years!

Living habits and characteristics of Stella manatee

If no accident ever happened, maybe Stella manatee is also one of many living fossils. Unfortunately, it met greedy human beings. Urged by human desire, Stella manatee’s nightmare really began. It generally lives in the seaside, mainly relying on aquatic plants, their size is huge, generally can grow to 7 ~ 8 meters, weight once reached 8 tons.

In 1781, an expedition was in danger, and then drifted to a strange place, the komandore islands. It was the first time that humans discovered that there was still Stella manatee in the world. At that time, its number was still more than 2000. It lived a carefree life on the komandore islands and had no natural enemies. One of the crew was so hungry that he killed a stellar manatee. When eating, he found that the meat quality of Stella manatee is completely different from other creatures. It is not only delicious, but also chewy. It is one of the most delicious among many creatures.

Reasons for the extinction of Stella manatee

At that time, the nightmare of Stella manatee completely began. When they returned to their motherland, they brought back a lot of skin and meat of Stella manatee. After everyone tasted its delicious food, they started a cruel hunting activity. The battle effectiveness of the komandore islands is already weak. So many human attacks can only lead to extinction. It is only 26 years since human beings discovered and hunted it. In this short period of 26 years, the Stella manatee has experienced an unforgettable past. At that time, it had a history of 8 million years, and finally it went extinct, which was very painful.

Nowadays, we can’t find a Stella manatee on the earth. It’s human greed and desire that makes Stella manatee miserable. No one wants to see such a situation. In fact, everyone should pay attention to the awareness of animal protection. Many creatures go extinct, not because they can’t adapt to the environment, but because of the greedy desire of human beings. In order to maintain harmony with nature, everyone should respect animals. What do you think of the ending of Stella manatee? You can leave a message for interaction.

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