The world’s most rare mammal, with a history of 1 billion years, is regarded as ominous by modern Chinese

There is a mammal on the earth, which has the ability to fly, but it is rarely seen in the city. At the same time, it rarely appears in the vision of human beings. However, every time this kind of creature appears, it means misfortune. In the west, this kind of animal is also a symbol of bad luck, the embodiment of the devil.

There are many other rare mammals, such as giant panda, red panda and so on. Giant panda is charming and has been regarded as the representative of good fortune since ancient times. As a mammal, panda has always retained the status of national treasure, but it has been kept away by people. But you know, before modern times, it was also regarded as a blessed animal.

This kind of animal is in people’s eyes can fly mice, bats.

It’s reasonable for people to say that bats look like mice. If bats lose their wings, they don’t look very different from mice. However, when it comes to the skin between bats’ wings and their bodies, if we remove this skin, we can find that bats’ wings are so similar to human hands. For example, when bats wave their wings, they are like human hands The arms are rocking downward, and the claws protruding from the wings are also similar to human thumbs. They can use their claws to support the balance of the body and climb trees. In Greece, bats are described as hand wings, and the animal species where bats are located are also known as Chiroptera.

Why are bats regarded as ominous?

① It’s depressing to go out at night

Bat is a kind of very old mammal. It is particularly attractive because of the evolution of its forelimb into two wings. It has a wide range of gathering areas. In addition to some islands in Oceania and the South Arctic, it can be seen all over the world, most of which are tropical and subtropical.

The habit of bats is to sleep during the day and go out at night, so their groups are always frightening when they go out at night.

② It’s true that bats suck blood, but folklore demonizes them

Due to the introduction of Western learning, some western thoughts were introduced into China. Bat’s “bat” is homonymous with “Fu” in Chinese. Hundreds of years ago, Chinese people preferred to print it on porcelain or New Year pictures and paste it on their doorstep. But after that, modern Chinese began to hate bats.

There are many vampire stories in the west, and the prototype is also a vampire bat, which proves that people’s views on vampire bats are too single and contain many of their own imagination, and the reality is completely inconsistent with the actual situation, which leads to the saying that bats are blood sucking demons and ominous things.

Rumor has it that they like to suck human or animal blood and live on it. Although all these are true, most bats mainly feed on insects and other small animals. In fact, of the 1200 species of bats, only three species suck blood, such as common blood sucking bats, hairy legged blood sucking bats and white winged blood sucking bats.

There is a kind of strong anticoagulant bloodstain in the saliva of blood sucking bats. When they suck blood, the blood will still flow. At the same time, they have a hard mouth, which can help them pierce the skin of human beings and animals. But in fact, these animals are not completely unrestrained. They only need two spoonfuls of blood, that is, 10 ml of blood, to maintain energy for a day.

They will not indulge in blood sucking as humans think. Many people will be worried when they see it. But in fact, according to scientific data, humans are attacked by dogs and bees much more than bats. To be honest, most people will never encounter blood sucking bats as long as they don’t go to strange places.

To sum up, most bats are really good for the environment, but pay attention not to eat them. During the epidemic period, many people blame bats, but bats are not born for human consumption, and human beings still have a lot of delicious food.

According to the latest data, a bat that feeds on pests can eat more than 1000 mosquitoes in an hour. In this respect, no animal can compare with it. Moreover, due to the low birth rate, it is also a kind of creature that is easy to go extinct. In addition, human beings shout and kill bats, and cause great damage to the bat’s ecological environment It will easily lead to the extinction of bats. I hope human beings know that bats are an important role in the ecological chain. If one day they really disappear, the ecosystem will no longer be complete, and human beings will face great pressure.

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