The world’s second largest ice sheet begins to collapse! 124 lakes disappear in five days, and one billion tons of ice are melting in one day

Due to the destruction of the environment, the trend of global warming has not stopped for a moment. With the rise of global temperature, the North-South ice will gradually melt, and the sea level will rise. In the future, the living space of human land will become smaller. The North-South ice melting is still very slow, but now there is a place where the ice is on the verge of collapse, that is the Greenland ice sheet.

Scientists have found that 124 inland lakes on the ice sheet have disappeared in just five days. There seems to be a huge melting pot under Greenland, and the reason behind this is even more disturbing

Greenland’s ice sheet is second only in size to Antarctica’s, but it is more vulnerable than Antarctica’s. Because Greenland is far from the north pole, the southern tip of the ice sheet is almost at the same latitude as northeastern Scotland. The melting of the Greenland ice sheet has been in dynamic equilibrium for centuries. In summer, the ice sheet melts and flows into the ocean. In winter, frozen snow replenishes the ice sheet. But since the 1990s, this balance has been gradually destroyed, and the rate of ice cover reduction has been accelerating.

The accelerated melting of Greenland’s ice sheet is closely related to its many lakes, an international research team has found. These polar lakes are created by rising temperatures and lie on the surface of the ice sheet. When the water in the lake is lost into the ocean, the heat carried by the high-temperature lake water will quickly transfer to the bottom of the ice sheet, which is equivalent to putting a huge brazier of 1.8 million square kilometers under the whole Greenland ice sheet!

Professor Poul Christoffersen of Cambridge University said that the heat transfer causes one billion tons of ice to “disappear” every day! And that’s causing the average global sea level to rise by 1 mm (0.04 inches) a year, much faster than predicted a few years ago.

It can be imagined that the accelerated process of ice sheet Lake loss will inevitably lead to the formation of new cracks on the surface of the ice sheet. The chain reaction of water flow can temporarily increase the melting rate of ice by 400%. Once large cracks appear on the surface of the ice sheet, the stability of the whole ice sheet will be more threatened.

Due to the melting of glaciers, there will be a significant change in the temperature around Greenland, which may rise by more than 3 degrees Celsius. “The melting and melting of Greenland glaciers will greatly change the global climate, and the sea level will rise significantly,” said Dr. The glaciers in Greenland are very different from those in the Arctic. After melting, the glaciers in the Arctic can regenerate themselves. If the glaciers in Greenland melt, they will disappear forever. This loss can not be made up for. “

We can’t change the general trend of ice melting. In the future, people have to worry about coastal areas. In the future, the land area of the earth will be reduced. Maybe there will be only 10% of the land in the future. At that time, people will build marine cities. There are more ways than difficulties. Isn’t there any country trying to build marine cities now? No matter what, we should protect the earth well. The earth’s temperature is rising year by year, which is the most worrying. Now every summer, the excessive high temperature has made people very uncomfortable. If the earth’s temperature is rising every year, in the future, in summer, the daytime temperature may be 50 degrees higher, and people will not be able to go out during the day. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

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