The world’s top ten cruel weapons, the first I have a face!

1. Hot pressed bomb weapon

There is no doubt that the thermobaric bomb weapon may be one of the most powerful weapons that human beings have. One thermobaric bomb is enough to raze a block to the ground. When the hot pressure bomb is detonated, a small explosion is made first, and a kind of explosive dust mist (also known as “warm pressure explosive”, that is, the mixed dust of aluminum, iron, magnesium and potassium chloride) is scattered in the target area. 150 microseconds later, the warm pressure explosive fills the air, and the hot pressure bomb is ignited for the second time. Under the action of hot gas, the dust mist of the explosive quickly makes aluminum and magnesium burn violently, and starts chemical reaction to capture oxygen in iron oxide The iron is reduced, and the high temperature produced by the reaction promotes potassium chloride to release a large amount of oxygen, which makes the combustion more intense.

Combustion can produce a high temperature of more than 2000 ℃ and cause local vacuum: anyone in the target area, the air in the body will be completely evacuated, suffocated and died. The high temperature makes the air expand rapidly and produce a strong shock wave. The shock wave produced by a one ton hot pressing bomb can break the rubber man into several sections at 100 meters. The shock wave of 5 tons can reach a radius of 300-500 meters. Through computer simulation, a 5-ton thermobaric bomb can completely destroy an aircraft carrier.

2. Satellite powered gun

The satellite powered gun is an extraterrestrial strike device still under development, also known as the “scepter of God”. The weapon can strike the ground through tungsten bars carried by orbiting satellites – in theory, its firing range can cover any corner of the earth. The attack launched from space can not only destroy large areas of ground buildings, but also the underground bunkers which are hundreds of meters deep. Its precision is better than cruise missile, and its power is comparable to a small nuclear bomb. More importantly, the power gun strikes the ground by gravity, because the projectile can accelerate to Mach 10 (3403 M / s). This kind of weapon has the lethality equivalent to nuclear weapon, but it will not produce catastrophic nuclear radiation.

However, this perfect weapon is still in the theoretical stage to a large extent.

3. White phosphorus grenade

White phosphorus grenade is a kind of grenade which uses the nature of white phosphorus spontaneous combustion in the air. White phosphorus bomb explosion will produce white smoke, just a little white phosphorus can ignite the skin, the person will be blasted burning until the pain to the bone marrow. At first, white phosphorus bomb was used as incendiary bomb, but later, because of the huge physical and psychological trauma it caused to the soldiers in the Warring States, it was gradually abandoned by various countries and used as target indicator and smoke bomb.

In the documentary “Fallujah: the hidden Massacre”, a former US soldier who fought in Fallujah said: “we should pay attention to the instructions, because white phosphorus bombs will be used in Fallujah. White phosphorus burns the body. In fact, it melts the skin to the bone. When white phosphorus explodes, it will form clouds, and no one within the explosion area will be spared. ” In addition, the killing range of white phosphorus grenade is 35 meters, while the throwing distance of ordinary people is only about 30 meters. This means that if not handled properly, the bomber will be burned to ashes.

4. Barrett m-821 semi-automatic sniper rifle

Barrett m-82a1 is a heavy special purpose sniper rifle developed and produced by Barrett company of the United States. The m-82a1 is almost used by the military of western countries, including the US special forces. It has a friendly nickname – “light 50”. The Barrett m-82a1 fires a bullet slightly larger than an American standard battery, faster than the speed of sound. The sniper gun is no longer a novelty, but the m-82a1, which has the ability to easily behead a mile away, is undoubtedly the “leader” in the sniper gun family.

Barrett has an effective range of 1800 meters, and its bullet speed provides enough kinetic energy to tear a person apart. Let’s think of a picture. You are talking to your friend face to face. Suddenly, your friend’s head is broken. A few seconds later, you hear the gunshot. This scene may make you live in fear all your life.

In December 2012, two snipers of Australia’s second special commando group shot a Taliban commander with m-82a1 from 2815 meters in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. At the same time, they broke the 2475 meter long-range sniping record set by British corporal Craig Harrison in November 2009

5. High explosive shrapnel

The name of high explosive shrapnel sounds like a terrible weapon. Like other weapons, it is more dangerous than it sounds. It is a shrapnel clip filled with magnesium and ceramics. Unlike ordinary filled bullets, it burns when it comes into contact with air. This means that if the person opposite you holds a dragon breath bomb, you are an attractive piece of raw meat to him and will be roasted soon. This kind of terror bullet should have been banned. In fact, it has never played a role in actual combat. We don’t know how it will harm human body.

6. Depleted uranium bomb

Depleted uranium bomb sounds like a disgusting name, like something you’d rather be on the edge of hell than around. Even with the term “depleted uranium,” it still sounds worse than a wasp carrying anthrax.

In fact, the depleted uranium bomb is just as notorious as you think. The warhead of this kind of shell contains a small amount of metallic uranium. It is not terrible when it only flies at the speed of 400 miles, and its effect on human body is not very terrible. The terrible thing is its damage to armor. When your enemy has this kind of weapon, I’m afraid the last place you want to go is in the tank, because of the depleted uranium Uranium bomb has self sharpening, that is to say, when it touches hard things, it will harden and use combustion to remove all obstacles. When it encounters air, it will ignite and explode.

When a depleted uranium bomb encounters a tank or an armored vehicle carrying personnel, the fuel and its own ammunition of the vehicle will be ignited and exploded, and all the personnel on board will be killed.

7. Acheson aa-12 automatic shotgun

Aa-12 is a fully automatic shotgun, developed by MPs company. In theory, it can fire 300 rounds of shrapnel in a minute. If someone thinks that being hit by one shrapnel is not terrible enough, think about being hit by six shrapnel in a second. What’s more shocking is that aa-12 can launch a variety of ammunition, from lead bombs to high explosive grenades. Yes, you’re right. Aa-12 can launch 300 grenades in a minute. It’s such a shotgun. We can’t imagine how it will kill people.

Acheson aa-12 automatic shotgun is especially suitable for special forces, patrol forces and anti-terrorism forces to deal with close combat. Because the shotgun has the ability of fierce firepower, rapid reaction and surface killing in close range, it can show its skill in night battle, encounter battle, ambush, anti ambush and other battles. In addition, aa-12 is also a “sharp weapon” for riot forces. It can fire tear gas and dye bombs, which can be used to disperse mobs and arrest criminals.

8. Metal storm

The terrible weapon system of metal storm has the same name as the troublemaking band. Metal storm can fire a million times in a minute, that’s right, 16000 times per second! Maybe you don’t think the dense firing of bullets is a terrible thing, then you are too light on the enemy. If enough bullets can be fired at the same place in a very short time, the weapon is like a javelin that can penetrate armor at any time. Wechat recommends paying attention to the window of politics and business. If one bullet can’t penetrate the target, the other 15999 bullets will be able to do it. In fact, sometimes, to complete the task, it is enough to confirm the death of the target

9. Ac-130h “ghost” flying gunboat

Ac-130h “ghost” flying gunboat is the big butt aircraft in call of duty, which should be very familiar to gamers. The special skill of ac-130h is that it can exert great firepower with very few personnel, which is very surprising.

If you’ve played call of duty, you’ll know that even in close combat, ac-130h can parachute “death” at a height of one kilometer to attack the enemy one by one through the fire point. Matching its crazy firepower system is an electronic jamming system called “angel flame”. This system can combine radar jamming wire and fireball jamming at the same time, which will disable all radar locks.

This is a bit embarrassing: when he releases interference smoke, the smoke takes the form of an angel, which also means that when a person looks up at the sky and sees an “angel”, he will be bombarded in the next second.

10. Short bomb

As you can imagine, a short bullet is a bullet with a hollow head. This treatment seems odd, but this small change makes bullets extremely dangerous. It is forbidden to use in war because it doesn’t penetrate human tissues as smoothly as ordinary bullets. It will tumble in the body and cause a lot of bleeding, which is fatal.

This kind of bullet will stay in the human body, but it will not wait to be taken out quietly. It will roll in the body and keep all the energy in the body until the explosion makes the fragments spread in the chest.

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