The Y chromosome is changing. After hundreds of years, it will evolve into a “new man”. Will men disappear?

The process of life evolution is complex and long. When life on earth was just born, all living things evolved from single cells. Until now, only human beings have evolved wisdom and civilization, standing at the top of the food chain. In fact, the genetic similarity between humans and gorillas has reached more than 98%. It is precisely because humans have thought and wisdom that they can have a deeper understanding of the human body.

As we all know, the process of human reproduction is carried out through genes and chromosomes. It is precisely because of the differences between chromosomes that human beings are divided into genders, and human beings can reproduce from generation to generation. In some poor mountainous areas with backward economy, there are still some foolish ideas. They think that the reason why boys can’t be born is actually because of women, but it’s not the case. The sexism of future generations is determined by men’s chromosomes. That is to say, if you want the offspring to be male, you must ensure that there is a Y chromosome in the fertilized egg. If you don’t have an exochromosome, it’s not a boy.

Y chromosome

Is it going to disappear?

Some time ago, Australian scientists also put forward an interesting view. If the male Y chromosome disappears, does it mean that the male disappears? The reason why he put forward this theory is not groundless. With their monitoring, men’s Y chromosome is showing a trend of degeneration. Maybe in a few hundred years, the Y chromosome will disappear completely, and men may have a new identity, that is, “new man”.

In the process of research, scientists found that the Y chromosome in men actually began to evolve towards the X chromosome, which is very disadvantageous. That is to say, in the future, the male exochromatin will gradually disappear and be replaced by the X chromosome. Will there be no gender on earth at that time, only women? Scientists believe that although the exochromosome begins to degenerate, it does not mean that men will disappear. If there is chromosome degeneration, there must be other genes in evolution. Human evolution follows the law of natural evolution. Even if the Y chromosome does disappear, then men will find other chromosomes to survive.

Will men disappear?

What’s more, scientists have also said that this is a phenomenon hundreds of years later. Hundreds of years is a huge number for human beings. We don’t know which one will come first, tomorrow or accident. Maybe hundreds of years later, human beings have already left the earth, realized Star Trek and become real astronauts. At that time, exosomes seemed less important to humans.

In any case, the evolution process is always evolving with the laws of nature. No matter how human genes evolve, they will eventually develop in a good direction. We don’t have to worry too much. What do you think?

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